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on my wonderful trip to the farmer's market the other day, i stumbled upon a stand (soon-to-be-store) called pappardelles pasta. they had all different shapes, sizes, and flavors of homemade pasta. i picked up the roasted tomato pasta--which was a wide flat noodle--and also got some fresh vine ripened roma tomatoes.

the first step for the tomatoes was slicing them and tossing them with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.

after roasting them in the oven at 400 degrees for about twenty minutes, they looked like this.

the next steps were putting the roasted tomatoes and garlic in a pot with some fresh basil and letting that stew for a while. eventually i added some roasted chicken and grilled vegetables from whole foods (see most recent fan-fare post) to the sauce.

next i added some milk to make it creamy, starchy pasta water to make it thick, balsamic to make it sweet, and goat cheese to make it AWESOME. and then the cooked pasta went in.

and now for the finished product...

i topped it off with some fresh basil, extra pepper, more goat cheese, and lemon zest. it was DELICIOUS. everything i had hoped for and more. eating a fancy italian meal in downtown los angeles = $68. my first homemade dinner and a glass of kickass $4 pinot grigio from trader joes that i enjoyed in my pajamas = priceless. even if my kitchen ended up looking like this.


Casey Ann said...

omgggg i wish i cooked yummy stuff like this. my "homemade meals" are a box of mac and cheese or popcorn and Barefoot Moscato. ahah.

simple girl said...

yummmmmola. my mouth is now drooling...

Yolanda said...

My mouth kept watering with each image, the excitement of the next ingredient.... kitchen wasn't messy at all!