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if you read yesterday's teapot, you'll understand the above picture. yes, yesterday's sore throat has in fact barrel-rolled into a full-blown (pun COMPLETELY intended) sneeze-fest. no seriously...

although, being sick does have it's benefits. enter chicken salad sandwich melt, ruffles, and roasted garlic tomato basil soup.

i realize i could have made this meal anytime (no, the chicken salad and soup are not homemade; i had some help from gelson's market), but it's always nice to enjoy a comforting meal when you're not feeling well.

CAUTION: i am writing this blog in bed with a mug of theraflu so if words are mispelled, in another language, or just plain don't make bad. let's begin!

1. my first autograph

i know you've all been waiting for this picture. it's official! the lease is finally signed. however, my dad (the co-signer) will be signing his copy tomorrow and then things will be 100% official. tomorrow i FINALLY get the keys which means expect to see pictures of a big empty apartment soon :) now all i have to do is figure out is how to fit a taco bell in the living room.

2. of all of the things they COULD have named this studio...

this one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. "what i want is what i've not got, and what i need is all around me" ~dave matthews band

you're probably thinking that what i'm about to say is extremely heartfelt and has to do with moving or being homesick or something deep like that.


clearly, your first response to this picture was: "yay! your brita attachments finally came in and you hooked up your faucet filter!" well, yes and no. funny story. please hold your yay's until the end of the paragraph. as i opened my mailbox today, i was pleased to find not one, not two, but THREE small packages from brita. i guess they thought that to make up for not telling me the attachments were backordered, they would send me three different sets of the same exact three attachments. thanks a lot a-holes, i'll make sure to use those when i live in an apartment with nine sinks. as i emptied all of my packages onto the counter (before realizing they were all the same thing), i couldn't wait to see which one was going to fit and finally send purified water streaming out of my kitchen faucet.

,after trying each and every single one with no luck, i let out a long string of curse words (i have GOT to remember that when my windows are open, people outside can hear me talking to myself) and i thought to myself, "something isn't right here." i also suddenly realized how many bad words you say outloud when you're living by yourself. although i'm generally against instruction manuals, i began to flip through the pages and see what the problem was. i still had no solution. next i turned to my trusty silly-named friend who never lets me down: google. i found myself on the new zealand website for brita (i don't know) where i was told there was some kind of visual cartoon to help show you the product's "easy" assembly. the first thing pictured was a kitchen faucet. i stared at the little animation and read the instructions on the page outloud as they floated across the screen, "remove the aerator."


i refreshed the screen and watched again as the aerator (the tip) of the pictured faucet was unscrewed, and the brita filter was then easily placed onto the end. i looked at MY faucet and wondered if it's head was also removable. with one light turn, it dropped into the sink. i pushed aside my pile of attachments, grabbed the actual filter, put it up to my faucet, and twisted. turns out this entire time, i already had everything i needed. i re-read the instruction manual that came in the box and not ANYWHERE did they mention tampering with your faucet before proceeding to attach the filter. joke's on me? not when they receive a plastic ziploc bag full of the attachments pictured below with a note that says: here's where you can screw these...

other fun things that happened today:

laundry day! it's always nice to have fresh and clean clothes, especially when you haven't done your laundry in about a week and a half. and no (sara), i did NOT throw all of these into one washing machine. i separated them into two! duh.

i spy...something blue...
i always knew hollywood had a lot of weirdos, so it's about TIME they got an alien!

highlight of the day:


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simple girl said...

Of course I love the neti pot, it's my best friend.
That tomato soup looks amazinggggg. I might have to go find some now.. Congrats on the lease and getting the keys today!! I'm so excited!
I'm still shaking my head about the whole Brita incident...