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something new

so, i feel like my blog posts generally come every few days and are ridiculously long MOST of the time. i've decided that i want to do something new that keeps me updating you every single day. i've been dealing with a bit of homesickness lately and it's resulted in me spending a lot of time cooped up in my apartment, and the truth is that it hasn't left me with many exciting things to say. but i've decided that even on days that aren't all that exciting, i still want you to come back and have something to read here every day. and if i have the most uneventful, least exciting day EVER, i'll just make something up. i'm supposed to be practicing improv anyway. as for the past few days, i've done a lot of walking around my neighborhood, job interviewing, audition searching, and apartment hunting. my lease here is up november 20th and i'm attempting to move from this the one right next door! or possibly the one downstairs. the apartment issue is still unresolved at the moment, but i'll bring you more updates as soon as i can. i also made a pretty kickass dinner for myself last night that i will share with you tomorrow :)

the new addition i'd like to add to my blog is this: every day, i'd like to list three exciting things that happened and then have one highlight of the day. i'm in a little bit of a rut right now not having a routine or a social network, but i'm going to do my best to reach out and make friends and connect with the people here who i already know. it's very easy to stay here in my cozy little apartment all the time, but easy doesn't help you grow. i mean, i'm definitely more of a homebody here than i am in raleigh and that's perfectly fine, but i need to get out a LITTLE more. i need some purpose...ya know? so let's start today. now is as good as any day:

1. soy milk

the past couple of days i've noticed that it takes a few more stirs to dissolve my soy milk into my coffee or tea. tonight i went to pour a bowl of cereal and as i waited for the splash over the honey bunches of oats, the soy milk instead slowly dripped out in a long thick stream. i smelled it and my nose couldn't detect a thing. so i did the unthinkable. i took a sip. i'm not going to explain the taste or texture, but let's just say...i need to buy new soymlk. you're thinking "why is this on your list of exciting things that happened today?" well, i could have easily poured that soy milk into a cup of coffee or tea tomorrow morning and drank the entire thing because the funky flavor of the soy milk would have been masked by the coffee or tea. so, this made my list of excitements for two reasons: 1. i could have actually drank the bad soy milk rather than just testing it and spitting it out. 2. i get to go to the grocery store tomorrow to buy new soy milk! (i love food shopping)

2. double take

no...i did not see jennifer aniston jogging (i wish). BUT when i was walking up my street today, something happened that absolutely makes my list today. the street that i live on (beachwood drive) is one of the most well-known in hollywood for its amazing views of the hollywood sign. i live at the bottom of the street but as you walk up further into the hollywood hills, the sign gets closer and closer. it's pretty awesome. the fun thing about living on this street is that you see at least four or five groups of people daily taking pictures of the sign. most people wait for traffic to stop and then jump in the middle of the street as their friend snaps a picture with the iconic sign in the background. the other thing about this area is that its known for seeing celebrities. i mean, it is the hollywood hills! so every person you pass walking down the street--especially the ones with low hats and big sunglasses--could be anyone. today as i walked back down the street (with scrunched hair twisted back on one side and a pair of big sunglasses) a man on a bike rode past me. a few seconds later, he looked back over his shoulder at me. and then a few seconds after that, he looked back again. i couldn't help but think "dude, i'm not jennifer anison, pay attention to the road."

but it kind of made my day.

3. hi, i'd like to put in an order for delivery

i'm always curious about nearby places that deliver, and today when i got home from my walk i found not one, not two, but THREE delivery menus stuffed into the gate! most people would probably throw them right in the trash, but i'm new here and if i need delivery, i need to know who to call. sometimes, you need lomaine. and you need to not leave the house to get it. it's as simple as that.

highlight of the day:

on my first run up beachwood drive, i wanted to see how far into the hollywood hills i would get. of course i eventually had to turn around because i didn't want to end up in woody allen's living room, but luckily about twenty minutes into my run, i passed a little place that said village coffee shop. i peeked in the windows as i passed and realized that this must be my neighborhood breakfast spot. after reading up about it i saw that it's your basic pancake, cup of coffee, scrambled eggs, "what-can-i-get-ya-sugar" type of joint BUT it's got that ridiculous close-up view of the hollywood sign. as i peeked in the window of this little place that looked like it fell out of the new hampshire countryside (not like i've ever been there) i was overwhelmed with an intoxicating scent. one word: bacon. i realize that bacon isn't exactly a smell that one might want wafting under their nose while they're trying to exercise, but for me, it was different.

bacon reminds me of being a kid. it reminds me of the causeway cafe in wrightsville where we would go every summer. it reminds me of those special occasions we would make pancakes at home. and it especially reminds me of going to my grandparent's house in new jersey and my grandma making an entire box of microwavable hormel bacon after all i said was "yeah, some bacon sounds good with those eggs." the next few times i walked or ran by the village coffee shop, i would slow down to hopefully catch a whiff. day after day of wondering why bacon was the only scent drifting out of this restaurant, i was greeted on my walk today by the sign pictured above. it finally makes sense! of COURSE bacon is the only smell that seeps out through the walls here, it's the best bacon in town! i'm assuming they have fans in the kitchen that direct the smell outside luring in joggers, celebrities, and tourists of all kinds. i will definitely be making a special trip--one that isn't intended for working out--back up beachwood sometime soon for a cup of coffee, some trips down memory lane, and of course the best bacon in town.


Carolina Belle said...

It's okay to be homesick!! I'm proud of you for pushing yourself, but also remember to be patient with yourself. Trust the process you're going through. You moved away from home for the first time, and you did it big! It's going to take some time to settle and get used to it. When I moved to Asheville, I spent the first three months hating it passionately. And then somewhere along the way, it just became where I was and where I lived, and it was good.

Keep up the good work, Fanny!! <3

simple girl said...

Holy barf on the soy milk! Apparently no one ever taught you that that milk is supposed to be a liquid haha.
I think it's great that you were given a double take! Hollywood is just trying to get you prepared for what's to come :)