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1. wait, does that say what i think it says...

as i stood in real raw live (a place by my apartment that makes great smoothies--today i went with the brazilian breakfast "house speciality": almond milk, acai, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and hemp granola--HOLY AMAZING) and waited for my blended treat, i took a seat down at the counter and noticed an open magazine. i went to flip through the LA weekly, when this ad suddenly caught my eye. i literally had to pick up and put it three inches from my nose to make sure that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. i'm sure that most of you reading this are already aware of why this particular page caught my eye--but for those of you who aren't, my grandma's name is bea (short for beatrice) and while all of the other grandkids refer to her as "grandma bea" my sister and i have always called her bea bea. you can imagine my surprise at seeing these special words pop up right in front of me. this would have been an exciting event on any day, but today of all days, i happened to speak to bea bea on the phone earlier. the first thing she said to me was "did you get my email? the day i read your blog post about bacon, i ATE the bacon that was in the freezer from the last time you were here for the batmitzvah!" that's my grandma in a nutshell--somehow no matter what she's talking about, it always makes you laugh. seeing that magazine ad reminded me that even though i'm far away from the people that i love, they're sending me reminders that they are right by my side. (of course i ripped out the page and put it in my car where i can see it everyday)

2. "the most important thing about goals is having one" ~geoffry f. abert

i'm sure a lot of you have been wondering what i've been doing on a daily basis besides blogging, duct taping things together, and smelling bacon. obviously, my main goal/drive/focus out here is to pursue acting. i do plan on taking acting classes and i'm really looking forward to taking an improv workshop at the UCB (upright citizens brigade) theatre by my apartment. the only problem is that most of the UCB programs are eight weeks long and since i'm planning a trip home in december, i may have to wait until i get back to start that. i'm on a very well-known (in the acting world) website called actor's access where i have complete control over submitting myself to projects and each submission is $2. these projects range from non-paying student films (which are good experience and resume builders) to sketcher's ads that pay $5000. so the more i submit myself, the better. i have a friend out here who makes a living as an actor and he's going to help connect me to commercial agents and also give me some steps to take in the right direction. SO...while all of that is going on, at the same time--i obviously still need a way to pay my rent. i saved up enough over the past year to get me by for a while, but a steady weekly income is obviously needed for when these funds start decreasing. seeing as i moved across the country to pursue my career as a bright young starlet--i'm already a walking i might as well be a waitress. i've done it on and off for the past five years and this town is FULL of restaurants. so today i set the goal for myself to either get an application (or drop off my resume if they aren't taking applications) to FIVE restaurants. so let's just say by the end of the day my checklist looked like this:

successfully drop off five resumes
buy soy milk
pick up clothes from the tailor
superglue back together things in the apartment that have broken
call brita and yell at them for making sink attachments that fit "most" sinks but don't actually fit most sinks

so to sum things up: i accomplished my goal of getting my resume out to five different restaurants. tomorrow, i'll print more resumes and start all over...and give the people at brita a piece of my mind.

3. "well, some teachers are trying to low-ball me, daddy. and i know how you say, "never accept a first offer", so i figure these grades are just a jumping off point to start negotiations." ~clueless

today, i learned a very important lesson about negotiating. often times it's difficult to figure out which situations are appropriate for attempting to change an offer that you've been given. example: a few years ago when my best friend was buying her very first mac computer, we were in best buy scoping out the options. sara decided which one fit her best, and then she called her mom to fill her in on the details. as she listed off several features and then finally the price, her mom's voice came streaming out through the earpiece of the phone, "well see if you can barter with them!" sara's eyes widened and she threw her arms out in exaggeration, "mom, i really don't think they want my buffalo!"

most of the time, a price-tag is what it is, but there are always those special occasions where not accepting a first offer is perfectly reasonable. which brings us to today where i found myself at yet another thrift shop. after accidentally breaking my coffee pot the other morning (a very tragic moment for me as it was one of the only things besides clothes that i brought from home), i discovered that replacing the glass pot will take over a month. as much as i didn't want to accept this reality, i knew that i had no choice but to go out and buy a cheap, run-of-the-mill coffeemaker to temporarliy act as a stunt double. i wandered into a nearby thrift shop called out-of-the-closet knowing that they had all kinds of goofy appliances from the 1980s. lucky enough, i found exactly what i was looking for: a good old fashioned mr. coffee that--while having no frills or whistles such as automatic brew like my beloved subeam--would work just fine for now. i picked up the battered little machine and peeked at the price sticker. eight dollars. hmm, i thought to myself, i was expecting something more along the lines of five dollars. i brought it to the front counter and when the man rang me up, i took a deep breath, and went for it. "um. it's kind of like, dirty, well...dirtier than i expected it to be. can you knock a few bucks off of it?" four dollars later, and i had myself a new coffee mate (get it?):

i also happened to come upon this steal for ONE DOLLAR:

joke's on them. i would have paid two.

highlight of the day:

a box that my dad sent me over a week ago (that had gotten lost in the mail) finally arrived today! not only did it contain my northface and a variety box of peanut butter crackers, but he had also stuffed an extra wireless router in there that we had sitting around the house. i know what you're thinking, you haven't had wireless this whole time? and yes, you're right. the entire time i've been here, the only connection i've had to the internet was the old fashioned kind. the one that plugs into the wall. although the chair at the desk is quite comfy and i can turn my TV to watch diners, drive-ins, and dives as i blog, i have missed out on being able to kick back on a couch or lay in my bed to cruise facebook. ...UNTIL NOW! tonight i (somehow) figured out how to set this awkward little box with antennas up and this entire blog has been written from my bed!

(before i say goodnight, don't forget to check the fan-fare section for some food updates! here's a sneak peek)


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