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tuesdays with olive

as most of you know, my cat olive makes frequent appearances in my blog. aside from the fact that i think she's utterly fantastic, she really just happens to be a hoot. i find myself pulling out my camera at least three times a day in her honor. for this reason (and due to the the constant requests of many of my followers), i've decided that she deserves her very own section of the blog. although i'm sure there will be many hilarious things she does all throughout the week, i would like to declare this new section: tuesdays with olive. most likely i'll be posting here more than once a week, but seeing as this page is making its debut on a tuesday, the name just happens to fit.

 november 26, 2011

i'm so glad i finally found that lint roller to use on my black northface.

and now i'd like to present to you:
ode to a heating pad.
by fanny olive.

i found this heating pad on the floor one day.
i thought maybe i'd just give it a lay.

it felt so nice and warm under my belly.
i thought i'd bring it in here, right in front of the telly.

i thought this would be a one-time event.
but now this is where all of my time is spent.
i didn't realize all the happiness it would bring.
what? i'm sorry, did you say somethi...zzzzzz...

the following three pictures are positions that olive got into all by herself.

october 20, 2011

good morning.

you do realize you're not homeless anymore,

silly olive, you're going to sleep the whole day away!

at least make yourself useful.

september 21, 2011 

clearly these throw pillows just weren't cutting it.
time for a change...

step one: test the sturdiness.

step two: test the durability.

step three: enjoy.

all of this relaxing sure can make someone hungry.

don't hate me because i'm beautiful.
hate me because you're jealous of my whiskers.

always keep an eye out for cats who look out the window too much. 
you never know when they just might...

july 16, 2011

i'm still trying to explain to olive that staring isn't nice.

last week she also learned the lesson that a watched pot never boils.

we're still working on the "no staring" thing...

she may not be a good listener but she certainly is fancy.

$8.99 non-returnable kitty bed +
cat that could care less about kitty bed +
= cat that enjoys kitty bed.

i keep telling olive that she needs to branch out and make more friends.
since she's not able to text thanks to the shape of her thumbs--she has to rely on telepathically sending messages to her friend across the way.

"okay, okay. i sat in it...
can i get up now?"

june 7, 2011

first of all, i'd just like to clarify that neither olive or myself are responsible for the vandalism done to this mailbox.
well, i can't speak for olive...but it definitely wasn't me.

hmmm...what to wear today?

well first i should probably check the weather...

screw it.
i'll just wear this.

...does this make me look fat?

in other news,
olive is still trying to figure out how to work her box.

she's also still not sure about the shower, but at least she practices.

i would have filled it up for you if you had asked.

april 23, 2011

olive decided that she wanted her page updated today. when i tried to explain to her that her section of the blog is called TUESDAYS with olive--not saturdays--she made it clear who was in charge.

olive doesn't get to wear clothes, but that doesn't mean you won't find her in a closet.

she decided that today would be a "lazy saturday." in my world, that means delivery and lifetime movies. in her world, that means she does this..

you'd think olives would go in the fridge.
but you'd be wrong.

well look at that...olive and mango!

i'm still trying to figure out why this is her new favorite spot.

march 8, 2011

as you all know, olive has her own window perch--or bed as i like to call it--directly above my bed. when i see her during the day, this is how she appears:

however, when i roll over in the mornings and lift the sleepy mask off of my eyes, the first images of my day are always hilarious, and always look something like the following pictures--which i've been collecting each morning for the past week:

this week i also discovered that although kitten rescue told me two months ago i was adopting a feline, they were wrong.
she is,
in fact,
a parrot.

april 23, 2011