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1. guitars and tiki bars

so...i still haven't found a bed, a couch, or any lamps, but i did find this today!

today i went to my very first yard sale and somehow snagged these awesome tiki torches for a dollar. yep, ONE dollar. the bottoms are pointed and meant to be stuck in grass so i'll have to jam them into some flower pots. i also got some brand new globe lights for two dollars. what a steal! bring on the fruity drinks. oh who am i kidding...

2. now THIS is a steal

for some reason, los angeles decided that they could sell coors light six packs here for two more dollars than in north carolina. in raleigh, you can walk into any gas station, any grocery store, or any CVS and find a six pack of coors light on the shelf for $5.99. my very first night in hollywood i stopped at gelson's on my way home to pick up a few necesarry groceries--coors light being one of them of course. i mean, you can't unpack without beer. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw $7.99. so tonight as i strolled into ralph's and saw this special ($6.99 for TWELVE coors light), well, i think you can guess what happened next.

3. out with the old, in with the new

i finally said bye bye to my portable air condtioner today. no, not because the temperature has gotten cooler. no, not because i broke it and wanted to get my money back. no, i didn't hire abercrombie models to fan me with banana leaves instead. .....yet. of course i had to un-macgyver this piece of crap from my window and it took me just about as long to pull off all the duct tape as it did to stick it all on there. as it turns out, the apartment manager here has an extra airconditioning unit and said that if i wanted to have it for the new apartment, it was mine. getting the air conditioner out of this apartment wasn't only great because it took up a look of space and was ugly to look at, but it was kind of like closure. closure from that whole first chapter of moving here where i was eating with my feet in ice water and couldn't keep the curtain rod from falling down on my head twice a day. thank goodness for thirty day return policies.

highlight of the day:

typically, the most exciting part of my day is when i get to decide what kind of granola to put on top of my yogurt. tomorrow, i get to drive to LAX and...well, i'm pretty sure you can figure out what happens next.

other than celebrating my birthday, this is what we have planned for the majority of the trip.


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