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friday's teapot. sorry this blog post is a day late! keep reading and you'll find out why.

1. tin foil surprise

some of you may know what this is from a facebook blog i wrote a little over a year ago about graduating from college. for as long as i can remember, the "tin foil surprise" has been part of my life. when my sister and i would get ready for school, my dad would make us breakfast almost every day to take in the car with us. sometimes when we would go on trips or wake up early for various other reasons, we would come downstairs and be greeted by this little silver package. as i grew up, i decided to continue the tradition for myself. whenever i had an important day ahead of me or even just a long day of work, i would start my day by making one of these. the joke behind the "surprise" is that it's pretty much the same thing every time. egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin. ham--and sometimes bacon on a special occasion--will make a guest star, but even though the ingredients are never a surprise, the nickname has stuck. i've gone through three packages of english muffins since i've been here, so the breakfast sandwich has been no stranger in my hollywood home. however, today was the first morning that i had somewhere important to be and i knew there was one thing i couldn't leave home without.

2. my first LA casting office

...and i got to play hide and seek! my important morning consisted of three things: a tin foil surprise, two auditions, and a few games of cops and robbers. today my friend matt invited me to tag along to his commercial auditions with him and his son finn. he needed someone to keep an eye on his curly blonde-haired counterpart and he knew it would be a great opportunity for me to see some of the major casting offices in los angeles. not only was it great experience to be in these buildings and see where these places are located, but finn and i had an AWESOME time. after he ran around in circles and introduced himself to everyone, he asked his dad how much longer it was going to be until he went into the "dumb room." every actor in the place burst into laughter and agreed with him that room was, in fact, VERY dumb. finn reminded me of what i was like as a kid. full of spirit, imagination, and the opposite of shy. instead of feeling any kind of nerves--which most people generally would in a casting office--i got to enjoy a diet coke and a game of hide and go seek. even when a casting director walked out of the room with the "old navy" sign on the door and said to me "you're here for the audition right?", i just laughed, pointed to the four year old skipping around eating animals crackers, and said "i'm with him."

3. "nicko! don't play with the food. when i was your age, we didn't have food!"

if you know me, you know i love food. if you know me WELL, you know that i'm a sucker for greek food. if i see the words "feta, tzatziki, or pita" on a menu, that meal has my name written all over it. ever since i arrived in california, i've been wondering where all the best greek places are in this town. i haven't done a lot of research, but i know that this is a city FULL of every kind of food you can imagine, so i've just been waiting for the day that i would stumble upon my favorite food. because i generally wake up a spend the first few hours of the day in my apartment, i tend to eat lunch at home. seeing as i was already out and about in the afternoon, i decided to buy myself lunch. i had remembered seeing the word "greek" on a sign somewhere around the west hollywood target. i parked and took the escalator up the shops and there it was right in front of me: daphne's greek cafe! although this place is a chain and not a quirky little version of...

 the food was still awesome. i got the grilled chicken pita with fire feta (feta mixed with something SUPER spicy like hot sauce) and two small sides of hummus and tabouli. the other great thing about this place was that they had the nutritional information next to everything on the menu. although i still cringe at the word calorie, their purpose of sharing the information was to show you that what you're eating is healthy. i will definitely be going back to try out the rest of the menu.

highlight of the day:'re probably thinking "your blog post is a day late either because you fell asleep in your ramen, or you finally got the guts to be a little more social and you actually went out last night" well...

i'm not saying i didn't enjoy a nice cup of noodles last night, but i DID in fact have my first hollywood night-out! my friend bryce asked if i'd like to tag along with him and two friends to the hip new "hollywood hot spot" called premiere. it was definitely an experience. it's the kind of place where--if your closet is like mine and filled with ripped jeans, white t-shirts, and hollister tank tops--you need to dig deep for the perfect outfit. it's the kind of place that has a "list". it's the kind of place you can only get in if you're on the list, you're a celebrity, you're a pretty girl, or you're with a pretty girl. luckily i fell into one of these categories and the four of us walked past the fancy velvet rope and the eight-foot-tall doorman. it was definitely a blast and my first time bumping shoulders with a few well-known faces...ha...but it certainly did make me miss my favorite places back home. although you're way more likely to find me searching for a hot dog vender on glenwood or drinking a bud light lime on the patio at molly darcy's, hollywood nightlife is definitely a trip. i mean, how many places are rated on how "good" they are by the number of papparazi lined up outside?

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simple girl said...

I can't wait to eat all of the yummy food that you have found so far with you! I'm sooo excited. And you know I love your night out in hollywood and hobnobbing with all of the "stars" hahaha :)