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1. ruffles
nope. not those kind of ruffles. these:

i don't know about you, but i'm a big potato chip fan. these particular ruffles are one of my favorites and today, i got to open a brand new bag! not only did i get to tear into an unopened package of my favorite chips, and not ONLY did i make myself an awesome sandwich and peppermint iced tea to go with them...

BUT i got to enjoy all of these things while using my computer from the couch(clearly the excitement of having wireless internet is still brand new). 

2. why yes, i would like to try your lentil soup

not wanting to lose my good parking spot, i decided to walk to the appointment i had tonight to see an apartment. i knew that the walk would be under ten minutes so i threw on my new balances and decided to get some exercise out of it. after the appointment was over, i popped my head into a fun little neighborhood shop to browse around and then i began to head home. about one street away from my apartment, i realized that it was dinnertime and i might as well pick up something to eat while i was out. nothing fancy, just a salad to go with a frozen pizza. i wandered in and out of a few restaurants looking at to-go menus when i decided to hop one more street over and see what was in the shopping center. i found pimaire, the local thai restaurant (shoutout to sara) that everyone says is great; and then to my surprise, i stumbled upon a brand new place i never even knew existed! locali is a small market that sells local, organic, and vegetarian food. as i browsed their extensive menu which is filled with tons of awesome sandwiches, salads, wraps, paninis, and more, not only was the girl nice enough to try and help me figure out what i wanted, but she offered to let me try their lentil soup! needless to say it was fabulous. you'll be surprised to find out that the end of this story is that i picked up a salad from somewhere else, but that's only because this place had so many great options i wanted to save it for another day when i wanted more than just a salad. this ranks on my teapot list today for two reasons: 1. it's always nice to find a great place to eat within walking distance. 2. a little southern hospitality in this town is always refreshing to find. well, that and lentil soup.

3. sometimes what you were looking for was there all along

you're probably thinking that this one is going to be about finding a missing shoe, but all of my shoes (all four pairs that i brought) are neatly tucked away in my closet. while yesterday was focused entirely on job hunting, every hour of today was consumed by apartment hunting. there are two available apartments in the building i'm living in right now. originally when i found that out, i felt that i HAD to grab up one of those places because i'm so happy here and i absolutely love living in the hollywood hills. after doing some research and wondering what else what out there, i realized that it might be a good idea to shop around and see what else i can find. i still have more searching to do (despite the seven hours i spent doing just that), but after going to see two different places today and being extremely disappointed, i realized that maybe what i'm looking for is already right here. don't get me wrong, i'm going to continue to do some more research to see what i can find out there, but i did realize today what a great thing i have here. if i can find something that i'm just as happy (if not more happy) with on this same street--there are for rent signs on beachwood to the hollywood sign and back--then i'll absolutely consider it, but seeing how grungy some of those other places were really made me appreciate the tranquility and specific location of this apartment. it's always nice to have a mini-epiphany.

highlight of the day:

well, by the time you read this it will be october 13th. and technically it's after midnight so right's also october 13. HOWEVER this blog is written for the events of tuesday, october 12...which means that my highlight of the day is that today is exactly two weeks until my very first hollywood (25th) birthday :)

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