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11/6/10 the coffee bean on 3rd street in west hollywood
mark feuerstein

11/7/10 101 coffeeshop in hollywood
emma roberts

mario lopez. kyle massey. lacey schwimmer.
10/27/10 the grove in west hollywood
yes, these are finally pictures that are taken by ME! they were filming access hollywood at the grove and sara and i happened to walk in right when mario lopez was interviewing kyle massey (from the disney channel) and lacey schwimmer from dancing with the stars. not only do i finally have a celebrity sighting picture taken with my own camera, but after all of the years of saying "fanny SLATER. yes, slater as in A.C." i got to see him upclose! look at those dimples.

willie garson
10/28/10 elevator of parking deck on ivar st. in hollywood
for anyone who doesn't recognize him, check out the picture below.

if you don't know who he is by now, then you don't care. willie garson played stanford in sex & the city. this was possibly one of my favorite moments from sara's visit here. the two of us turned a corner in a parking deck to snag an elevator we had just heard open. right as we ran up, the doors were closing. and there stood "stanford", eyes wide as he held out his hand and attempted to stop the big metal doors from coming together. but it was too late. the doors closed, leaving the two of us to slowly turn and stare at each other in shock. i will NEVER forget the matching expressions on our faces.

dave navarro
10/22/10 LAX airport
(if you don't recognize him, you'll definitely recognize his ex-wife. nope, she wasn't there with him. that would be weird.)

ryan cabrera and stephen colletti
10/15/10 premiere nightclub in hollywood

david and victoria beckham
10/1/10 vine and hollywood blvd