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although there have been quite a few mishaps here on beachwood drive--the air conditioner incident, the ever-falling shower rod, the totino's pizza/smoke alarm accident--
oh, and the water dripping from my ceiling that of all places landed directly where i put my head to sleep (yes this happened last night)
....there are a lot of things i love about living in this neighborhood.

there are hundreds of hikes, trails, and paths to explore around los angeles, but so far, my exercise routine has remained very local. i happen to live on a street where when i walk out of my front door into the courtyard and stand on my tiptoes to peek over the fence, i see this:

this neighborhood (known as the beachwood canyon area) is also filled with tons of great landscaping. not just people who have lovely lemon trees in their yard...

but there are TONS of incredible things all around me here. there are amazing palace-like houses that sit high on mountain tops (hey, this is the hollywood hills). there are vintage looking signs. there are apartments and houses with beautiful architecture. there are wacky things people have stamped or scribbled onto the sidewalk. and so much more. so today, come along with me on my walk and let's do some exploring!

welcome to my neighborhood.

and if blogs didn't exist, this is how i would get to all of you:

hmmm that's ironic, because most people's dogs around here...

the further up beachwood you walk, the better the view gets.

sometimes, i think this is all a dream.

i mean, these are my feet. this is ME standing here. right here.
...and this is what i'm seeing.

another lemon tree.
okay, now i' m starting to get jealous.

i mean, it's no harris teeter...

a virginia license plate, that says philly, in california.
sure why not.

yes, hollywood has feet.


one of the things i like most about living here is that somehow, even so far away from north carolina, there are still things that remind me of home.

just on this walk alone, i saw nine...NINE...different groups of people jumping up in the middle of the street taking pictures of themselves "in front of" the hollywood sign. i just smiled and went along my way.

i'm used to picture takers.