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tonight we will have TWO teapots (one for today and one for yesterday). since we're combining two in one i'll try and make this brief. no seriously, i'm really going to try this time. ready? here we go!


1. yes, i still eat these

not only do i still occasionally love to eat lunchables (i'm also a big fan of the pizza kind), but i consider it a special treat when i get to have one. they're not the kind of thing you have on a daily basis, so on those rare occasions when my food comes in a little box with a capri sun and a bite size butterfinger, it kind of makes my day. for someone who is such a big foodie, you probably wouldn't think that i would be a fan of lunchables, but not ONLY am i fan of these goofy little snacks, but i think i'm the only person in the world who's favorite one is the bologna and cheese. weird i know, but it's like that sign told me the other day...

2. walk it out

after somewhat of a lazy day yesterday, when the sun started to set i decided to go for a walk. when i throw my tennis shoes on it's normally for running, but this time was different. this was a good old fashioned walk where the point was just to just get some fresh air and of course, listen to the dixie chicks on my headphones. i had obviously been spending time with myself all day, but it was nice to get outside into the cool air, clear my head, and hum along to "wide open spaces".

3. coincidence? i think not.

whenever i go outside for the occasional workout or walk at sunset, i travel the same path every time. i happen to live on a street that not only has a pretty amazing walking view...

but it also happens to go uphill which makes for great exercise. on days where i just want a quick twenty minute workout, i always walk or run until i get to the intersection at glen green--which i just refer to in my head as 2500--and turn back around. i always thought it was funny how the street i ended up on just happened to have my special number, but tonight as i made my way up to 2500 and prepared to turn around, it really struck me that of all the streets in all the cities in los angeles, i ended up on one that had this number. i could be on a street where the numbers are 7300 or 6700. think of all of the possible number combinations that COULD have been here instead of 2500. kind of blows my mind. coincidence? i think not.

highlight of the day:

if you recall, during the AWFUL heatwave that we had a few weeks ago (which i don't even like to talk about)--the night i decided i couldn't take it anymore and i ended up at a best western was also the night that i had baja fresh for the very first time. sadly that takeout was ruined due to the fact that it's impossible to eat in an apartment that is 1200 degrees. although i keep hearing that the mexican food trucks here are where it's at, i decided that i needed a re-do on my baja fresh experience. and last night, i did just that!


1. does anyone have a ricola?

so, i woke up with a sore throat this morning. i know you're thinking "fanny, why was that an exciting part of your day?" well, it wasn't, but it did lead to these three things: first, i thought to myself "what's better for a sore throat then tea?!" so i got to have my lavender earl grey tea. second (this was about twelve hours later), my throat was STILL hurting and i thought to myself "what's better for a sore throat than ice cream?!" (sorry this isn't a real life picture, i ate the ice cream so fast i completely forgot. ....what?! it was one of the little ones!) and lastly, the reason my sore throat led to an exciting part of my day was because as soon as i realized "oh no this may be my first time being sick with no one to take care of me", i realized what day it is and that my mom is coming into town tomorrow! i mean, it's just a sore throat, but there's nothing like your mom making you tea and toast when you're feeling a little under the weather. speaking of weather...

2. singing in the rain

okay there was no singing. but today WAS one of those cold, rainy, foggy los angeles days. and i didn't hate it. it's sunday which means that the city is finally a little bit more quiet, and it's the kind of day where you know most people are doing the exact same thing as you are. sometimes it's nice to sit inside all day snuggled up on the couch with a mug full of tea or coffee and know that it's drizzling outside. i mean, who doesn't love a lazy afternoon?

it's the kind of day where you watch movies back to back. the kind of day that's PERFECT for ordering a pizza...

3. come on, you knew this was coming

my first crispy crust experience! crispy crust is one of the only places in hollywood that not only doesn't charge for delivery, but doesn't give you a delivery order minimum. i know you're still thinking "well then fanny, why did you order enough wings for everyone in your neighborhood?" well i'll tell you! they had a wing special where it was actually cheaper to get twelve wings instead of six. weird, i know, but the more the merrier. actually, the more the messier in my case. the pizza was half greek and half hawaiian. i was feeling foreign.

highlight of the day:

if you've ever been to my house (in raleigh) on or around someone in my family's birthday, you know that we have a tradition of setting the cards up on the kitchen table. normally there's also neatly wrapped presents with pastel bows and everything is set up so perfectly and placed so carefully that it's almost a shame when it's time to start opening things (okay, not really). well this year is my first birthday (ever) away from home and just because i'm not spending it at 9924 koupela drive with the mountain of cards , gifts, crystals, and picture frames taken from around the house, i still thought it would be nice to continue the tradition. the cards have been building up over the past few days and when i checked my mail today i officially had FOUR! my birthday is still eight days away so i'll keep you posted as the pile continues to grow!


Lisa said...

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Marie said...

Fun post, enjoyed all the pictures!:D

I just love the cold weather we are having!:D

***** Marie *****