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tonight's teapot is tiny because it's already midnight and for the first time since i've been here, i have something to wake up early for tomorrow! ready to find out why? here we go...

1. matt x 3

the first thing on my teapot list today has three parts. and they all have to do with one word: matt. no, the cute guy i went to the movies with last night was not named matt. his name is billy. 

matt #1 = mattress. tonight, billy needed my help (my car, not my muscles) transporting a mattress to his new apartment. to help him, he brought along his friend matt (enter matt #2). right before i walked outside to meet them tonight, i got a text from my friend matt (enter matt #3) who asked if i'd like to come with him to his commercial audition tomorrow to help keep an eye on his four year old son. the reason all of these matts made my list today: the whole mattress fiasco got me off of my couch and out of my apartment (which is always a good thing). it was also the first time i had two friends with me driving around los angeles--in my car, singing along to my loud speakers. and it was nice :) as for matt #3, tomorrow will be the first time i'll actually wake up to an alarm and start my day off with something outside of the apartment. i generally spend a while in my pj's before seeing sunlight. it will be a great opportunity to spend time with his son finn--who hopefully i'll get to continue babysitting--and also it will be fun to tag along and get some insight on commercial auditions. to sum things up: matts = positive things. (this is the part where my dad makes the joke "unless your a cat!")

2. life

a few weeks back when i was dealing with the heat issue (just typing that made me cringe) and avoiding my apartment, one day i stumbled upon an iced tea that changed my life. very few drinks can do that, but this one did. after having the lavender earl grey iced tea at the commissary coffee shop, i was hooked. by hooked i mean i was craving it all the time, i don't have the money to buy myself a fancy iced tea whenever i feel like it. i went back to west hollywood hoping to buy some of this delightful tea to keep in my pantry, but ALAS! the commissary only sold it by the glass. i was determined to find it. while driving down melrose today, i passed a place called T salon. i turned around and pulled in. this place was tea heaven. the kind of place my mom only DREAMS about. and when i hesitantly asked if they carried earl grey lavender (which i have now been on a two week quest for) the kind woman responded with "of course! it's one of our most popular!" now i can make life-changing tea, in my lifetime mug, in my very own kitchen. life is good.

3. check

not yet having a job or a set schedule, other than spending hours looking and applying for open positions, my to-do lists aren't all that mandatory. granted, when i'm out of hummus, that IS an important thing that i need to take care of during the day, but let's just say my everyday checklists aren't filled with extremely important tasks. nonetheless, they are my errands and my things that i want to accomplish during the day. when your to-do list doesn't have a sense of urgency, it's easy to get distracted. today however, i checked every single thing off of my list. it may have only been insignificant things like: "return crappy bluetooth from target. buy better bluetooth from verizon. find earl grey lavender tea." but they were MY things and i got to cross all of them off by the time the sun was going down. "be able to crumple up to-do list at the end of the day instead of keeping it for tomorrow.....check."

hightlight of the day:

no, this is not my lemon tree (i wish!). but for those of you who read my blog yesterday, you know that this lemon tree represents the deposit i put down on the downstairs apartment today! it won't be officially official until i sign the lease and get the keys on saturday, but actually putting down a deposit on this place securely holds it and means that i'm THAT much closer to my very first hollywood apartment. where i've been living the past few weeks is so homey and cozy, but at the end of the day, it's a sublease--so a lot (well MOST) of the things i use here on a daily basis aren't mine. this ass-print in the couch may be mine, but the couch isn't.

i know it will take a while and a lot of lottery tickets under my dinner plate to furnish the empty apartment, but i'll finally have a place to call home. a place that is filled with MY things. of course in reality, a lemon tree for my patio isn't a top priority in the way of furnishings, but it is something to dream about and look forward to in the (hopefully near) future. for now, it's just another thing to add to my to-do list.

....didn't i say this post was going to be short? yeah. i didn't think that was gonna happen either.


Carolina Belle said...

I have faith that with craiglist and some ingenuity, you can furnish your new kingdom!!


simple girl said...

Such a cute post to read today! I am so happy for all of your matt-ness! I am so so happy that you found that tea!! Ahh I know you are just loving that! I complete understand the whole "short to-do list" thing. Even though my list is slowly but surely starting to fill up, I know those feelings but yours will start to! I promise. You will get your lemon tree and you will find amazing and affordable furniture for your pad! I just know it. And of course I will help you :)

Stacy Jill Calvert said...

First off - I would say that 95% of all of the jobs that I got while living in LA was through friends, family and other connections, so I'm very happy to spring it forward. :)

Secondly, I LOVE the place. I hope you get it! You are truly in a great area of town to live in!

Third, once you have some $$ to spend, go take some time and inhale the yummy music goodness next to Arclight at Amoeba music. You can't walk out of there without picking up something good to listen to!