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(dad, the above teapot is obviously dedicated to you. and after laughing at it for five minutes, i just realized that this picture is the perfect combination of you and mom)

1. not your average cracker jack

besides having a cute date (check)--who happens to ride a motorcycle (no mom, dad, sara(h), bea bea, tommy, aunt diane, uncle mitchell, aunt leslie, uncle jerry, garret, jaime, jess, scott, harrison, georgia, and henry: i did NOT ride on his motorcycle--the best thing about going to the movies is the popcorn. at the arclight cinemas in hollywood, which luckily is all of five minutes from my apartment (well, if you don't get lost), they are famous for their scratch-made caramel corn. i could go on and on about the crispy, buttery, brown sugary wonderfulness that is this popcorn--but the founder of sprinkles cupcakes does an insanely good job describing it here on my favorite food network show "the best thing i ever ate". we saw the social network (also known as the facebook movie) which was awesome, but the popcorn (and of course the cute guy) are what made this rank on my list today.

2. what goes around comes around

no, i'm not talking about the song by justin timberlake (who by the way did a kickass job in the social network). but i am going back to the topic of jobs. today i officially applied for my eleventh job since i've been here. it's only been three weeks, so i feel like that number is just going to continue growing. there are a few sides to where i'm going with this. one, i'm proud of myself for making so much effort. and two, a lot of places just take your resume and don't even allow you to fill out an application; HOWEVER, i filled out one today and got to answer questions like "what is your favorite meal" and "who are your heroes." obviously this application was just as much of a personality test as it was a questionnaire and a food/beverage quiz. although it started to feel like i was taking a mid-term, i did appreciate the quirkiness of the application. one of the questions was "why is beer so awesome?" i'm pretty sure that one was put on there for me. the place i filled out the application was the village idiot in west hollywood--which you may remember from one of my very first blog posts.

yes, the place with the amazing homemade donuts.

even though it was slightly discouraging to walk in and see four other people filling out applications, i felt like i did a really successful job of answering the questions they asked. i'm not expecting anything to come out of this (when you apply for eleven jobs and don't hear back you learn to expect to not hear back from ANYONE), but at the same time, it felt nice to walk away knowing that i did a great job of putting myself on paper.

as for the "what goes around comes around" part of this little excerpt, when i got home from the movie tonight i had one new facebook message and one new gmail message. the facebook message was from a relative (stacy--for those of you reading this who know her) and the gmail message was from a friend of my dad's who he had done business with years ago and had recently connected me with. stacy offered to pass my resume along to some friends she had in the area, and my dad's friend cindy mentioned knowing about an open position for a PA (production's assistant--"new kid, go find the nearest starbucks!") job. when i wrote back that i was absolutely interested, cindy immediately followed through and sent an email to her friend recommending me for the job. how lucky am i? who knows what will come out of either of those potential opportunities, but it's amazing to have people reach out and want to help you. my dad has spent more years than i've been alive reaching out and helping people. whether it's connecting someone to a job, a network contact, or just giving them incredible advice, he really has done his part when it comes to helping others.

he recently told me that one of the main reasons he always put so much effort into doing favors for others is that he wished it would someday come back around to me and my sister. he always hoped that others he had helped would either return the favor to us, or that the universe would turn the tables in our direction and send kind-hearted people with opportunities our way. well dad, looks like it's working so far!

3. california is full of bugs

.....GOTCHA! not those kind of bugs. these kind:

once again, the universe continues to send me reminders that my family and friends are all around me. first, there was the magazine ad for "bea bea's"--which just HAPPENED to be laying on the table of a store i walked into. second, in my first week here i saw a DOUBLE rainbow which i know was my sister thinking about me in hawaii. and then today, i saw not one, not two, but THREE lime green VW bugs. now i realize that my best friend drives a lime green CONVERTIBLE bug, but i still think it's pretty amazing to see three of these in one day. the best part of the story is that when i left my date tonight and walked to my car in the parking deck, the second i started texting sara and realized that she was probably already asleep, i looked up and saw my third lime green bug of the day. coincidence? i think not.

highlight of the day:

today i have one mini-highlight and one regular sized highlight. the mini-highlight is that after walking around this strange city for three weeks and constantly feeling like i don't fit in (but in a good way and in a way that makes me appreciate my north carolina-ness), today i saw this:

it made me laugh outloud. and then i wanted to shout at the sign "i AM weird! and damn proud of it!" but then i realized that shouting at a wall actually WOULD make me look like i fit in here...with the crazies.

as for my regular sized highlight of the day...i made a few more attempts today at seeing what other aparments are out there. not only were the two places i discussed over phone calls today no-go's (both were way out of my price range), but when i began searching on craigslist, the first thing that popped up was THIS very building. one of the two apartments available here (that i wanted to go after) was finally up on craigslist and i realized that if i didn't act on one of these places ASAP, i would be stuck with nothing. as i said in my post yesterday, doing research to see what else is out there was good because it made me appreciate how much i love this building, and tonight i have OFFICIALLY decided to put down a holding deposit on an apartment here :)

i still have some things to discuss with my dad, the landlord, and the rental agent tomorrow, but i'm 99% sure that a little over a month from now, i'll be permanently moving into the apartment downstairs! as of now, both apartments are still available, but when i walked by the downstairs one today and snapped a picture of the outside, i realized that the mini-patio really wins this one over for me.

this last picture is the courtyard and apartment #9 is right behind the brown fence. (MY VERY OWN FENCE!) the first two pictures give a close up to what's behind it. it doesn't look like a ton of space, but it's a perfect little patio and as you can see, the top apartments don't have anything like that. it's hard to really get a good sense of the size of this adorable little outdoor area from these pictures, but a cute welcome mat, some fun globe lights, a lemon tree (a girl can dream can't she?), a sweet little table and chairs...and i'll be ready for my first cookout!


Marie said...

I like that popcorn too, so delicious!:D

Glad you are having fun here in L.A.!:D

Happy Thursday!:D

***** Marie *****

Kimster said...

What a fun application! I hope you get that job, Fanny. Sounds like a cool place to work. Best wishes for your new adventure in Hollywood! :)