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this teapot pictrured above is dedicated to daylight savings time or whatever the hell it was that made all the clocks wrong today. normally at home my dad will remind me to set my clocks forwards or backwards. today i learned that when you live by yourself, you don't have that luxury.

i don't like being tricked.  

because i missed last night's post--occasionally i have a social life here and actually let the fanny-shaped assprint on the couch reinflate (i think i just made a pun)--today will just be an update from the weekend!

i had my first day of work early saturday morning. the last time i woke up before it was light outside, a little confused blonde girl was sitting on my feet telling me to go back to bed because it was "very late. no wait, very early." throughout my life, whenever i have an important early morning occasion--a big test, an interview, an audition, a new job--i like to treat myself in the morning. usually i'll buy myself starbucks or make myself a nice breakfast to take along the way. because LA can be so unpredictable and you never know will be hold up the line with their "venti half-caf extra foam no whip double blended iced light mocha latte", i figured it was best to stick with the silver foil surprise. dad, i know you're proud. mostly because i saved $3.27.

i think it's about time i introduce you to my new to-go mug!

the work day went well. it wasn't too busy so the assistant who was training me spent a lot of time going over various things. my favorite part of the day was when we went to the coffee bean and i saw...well, you'll have to click here to find out! it was a lot of information to take in at once, but tomorrow at 10 AM i have my one-on-one training with the doctor where i'm sure a lot of things will finally start to make sense. after work, i decided since it was two o'clock and the four bites of my sandwich and small bag of cheetos didn't fill me up, i deserved a nice lunch! enter whole foods and their delicious pickles.

....pickles make me happy. 

like i said, i enjoy treating myself if something is a special occasion and today was just that. i finally was ready to strap on my overalls and get to painting. okay i didn't wear overalls, but i'm sure that was a nice mental image. right before jumping headfirst into my painting adventure, i decided that a fun snack was necesarry. who wouldn't want a fun snack? even saying it is fun. go on, say it outloud. long story short, a ricecake with peanut butter and honey and a glass of iced earl grey lavender tea did the trick.

after all the tedious details of the corners were complete, and after having the wall two inches from my nose for an hour, i walked to the other side of the room. i kept my back to the wall, took a deep breath, counted to five, and then turned around. i couldn't believe how much i loved it! it was only one wall but still, this is my very first time. unless you count the southpark characters i painted on our basement wall when i was thirteen.


just these two walls took me a few hours to complete--so at 7:45, i decided it was quitting time. and then i went upstairs and realized that it was only 6:45.
 ....and then i ordered takeout.

after my mushroom taquitos (from the 101 coffeeshop) were gone, there was only one thing left to do.

highlight of the day:

while i was paying for my food at the counter of the 101, i turned around and was a few inches away from bumping into....oh wait, you'll have to click here to find out.

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