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...look familiar?

yes, it's true. my time at apartment #14 has come to a close. i gathered up all my things, grabbed my peanut butter out of the cabinet, put everything back in it's place...

...went downstairs to my new apartment and made some macaroni and cheese.

okay, it wasn't that simple. yesterday was spent going up and down, and up and down, and up and down the stairs bringing my belongings into my new apartment. it was quite an exhasting day--hence my blog absence--but before we take a look into the new digs, it's only fair to give you a mini TEAPOT for today's events. or a "little teapot" if you will.

i'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my...

1. hi, my name is fanny. and i'm addicted to pesto.

my very first breakfast in my very first solo apartment on my very first pl.....oh wait, those plates are like ten years old (thanks mom!)

2. kitchen essentials

because everyone's spice cabinet should consist of cinnamon, paprika, cayenne pepper, and butt massage.

3. burlesque

in raleigh, traffic at 9 PM is unheard of. in hollywood, it's just another monday night premiere at the kodak theatre that leaves you sitting in stopped traffic on your way home. thanks again christina aguilera and cher for making me thirty minutes late for my lifetime movie. 

please...sit down on the lanai! have a cappucino. maybe a pumpkin muffin.

i spent a lot of time yesterday with my new friend dusty.

we had a lot of work to do. if i had to pick a highlight of the day, it would be when i introduced the roll of papertowels and cleaning spray to my new TV. with each stroke of my hand along the TV's surface, a thin layer of black dust peeled off. of all the adjectives i could use to describe this feeling, the most fitting word that comes to mind is "proud". you wouldn't normally think that cleaning a television is something you would be proud of, but it was like i was giving it life. i imagine this is what a mother feels like when she dunks her baby in a sink for the first time. 

if that doesn't prove my love for the comfort that TV brings me, the fact that while i was writing this blog stella stopped by and caught me with food network on in both rooms certainly does.

after about thirteen hours of standing--holy back ache (thank goodness i work for a chiropractor)--and two bowls of mac and cheese, i finally turned this...

into this.

and this...

into this.

(and by lifetime movie, i mean life-size movie)
other fun things to show you:

why yes, my duvet cover DOES match my shower curtain.

i'm not one for jewelry boxes, my things always seem to get tangled together. i stuck with keltie's idea of hanging necklaces like this and i LOVE it. it's nice to see MY necklaces on the wall :)

i still have an entire tablefull of decorations to put up (seriously, they're covering my entire table) and some things will definitely get switched around from where they currently sit. because i haven't actually put up my pictures, handmade paintings and collages from sara, prayer flags, wall hangings, autographed poster of elmer fudd (GOTCHA! just wanted to make sure you were paying attention), this place just feels like a cute apartment. of course now that it's clean and my things are put away it feels a little more cozy, but it won't feel personalized until i garnish the place with more of my own things and reminders from home.

although there's still work to be done, it's back to REAL work tomorrow at 4, but it will be nice to not be thinking about the inside of this apartment every second of the day. as i left keltie's apartment last night, i stood at the door and a very surprising sadness came over me. #14 was my very first landing ground and even though i knew it was her place the entire time, i still made it a point to make myself feel at home as much as i could. i've spent two months here in hollywood, but suddenly it's beginning to feel like i'm starting all over.

pre-macaroni and cheese, i decided last night that i wanted some ramen. as i whirled around towards the kitchen i realized that i don't have a microwave. the brita doesn't fit the sink here and twice tonight in a failed duct-tape-related-catastrophe, i shot water all over myself. the shower rod didn't hit me on the head at any point today, but when i turned on the water and set one foot into the tub, i became very aware that it was my first time doing this here. i suddenly felt nervous, as if i should have introduced myself to the shower first before stepping inside. although this apartment is a very similar layout to the one upstairs, there are still many small differences. my new queen size bed here is much taller than the one i've been sleeping on for two months, so it felt like i slipped down the side of a mountain when i got up this morning.  the kitchen here is more narrow so it's easy to bump into an open drawer or turn around too quickly and send a spatula flying through the air. the bathroom sink is noticably smaller and much lower and the fridge is too big for the kitchen.

 i feel like goldilocks in the three bears house. 

but the quirks are what make this whole experience fun. i'm just getting started in apartment #9 so i know that it has a long way to go. as for now, i'll spend my days hanging pictures and my nights doing this.


Carolina Belle said...

Your bed looks magical!

Congratulations, Fanny!!!

I have something to send you.... Has your address changed? (I'm guessing?)

simple girl said...

the pictures look super duper awesome!! I can't wait to see it all in real life!!!