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no special purpose behind this teapot today, i just really like ducks.

1. because...who doesn't like cream soda?

today while i was picking up basil peso at gelson's (my new favorite condiment of the week), i discovered that although they like to jack their prices up in the most random places--who would spend $4.99 on eggs that you can get either for free out of a chicken you find on the street or at trader joes for $1.29--they are very fair in the soda department. most grocery stores have your average layout of coke and pepsi products, but at gelson's, they sell every hard-to-find soda in invidivual cans! i'm talking fresca, diet sunkist, cherry coke, diet barq's root beer (VERY hard to find). not only are they individual cans so you can build your own six pack, but they are FORTY cents each! so today i stocked up on my favorites and had a diet cream soda with lunch to remind me of my grandma.

2. being thrifty

thanks to another awesome visit to the thrift shop, i'm now the proud owner of all kinds of cool shit! $1.50 picture frames, a paper lantern, a trashcan for my room, a vase, a place to store my q-tips, you name it! the more small, cheap trinkets i can get, the less bare my new place will be. the only problem with buying things from a thrift shop that are generally under three dollars is that sometimes you have to sacrifice. i suppose that the manufacturer of the product pictured below decided that he could lower his prices by dropping...well...i think you can figure it out. 

i can't wait to use my brand new butter dis!

3. ravi-oh-my!-li

i would have loved to get a little more detailed with this dish but after waking up at 6:30 and then doing MORE painting and MORE taping in the new apartment, i decided to only take a few pictures. that doesn't mean i won't describe it to you! my delicious ravioli dinner tonight was a combination of about nine THOUSAND different ingredients. imagine that i picked up a whole foods (preferably the one on santa monica, it looks lighter), a couple raviolis, and a few splashes of wine...and dumped them into a pot. just to name a few of the ingredients that all stewed down into my dish: cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzerella and basil, spinach, gorgonzola, garlic, leeks, vine ripened tomatoes, lemon juice, lemon zest, white wine, chives, rosemary grilled chicken breast, harvest roasted vegetables, cremini mushrooms, love.

...just to name a few. i haven't made dinner in a while so apparently i decided to make eleven meals in one. i thought it was going to be too many flavors but boy was i wrong. it was INCREDIBLE. the harvest vegetables gave the dish a really rich background flavor and the wine and lemon helped keep it light. you hardly ever just see "pasta" on a nice menu, it's always "cheese stuffed tortellini", "smoked chicken agniolotti", "wild mushroom ravioli" if i had to name this dish on a menu...well:


highlight of the day:

aside from getting to stuff my face with soft tacos and nachos bell grandes on the way home from work, if i ever screw up and piss my boss off i can always keep some cinnamon twists in the desk drawer to bribe him into not firing me. and if he fires me anyway, at least i'll still have cinnamon twists.


simple girl said...

I love all of your thrifty thrift store finds! And your new butter dis!.. Hahah!
That ravioli dish looks amazing mmmm. I've been wanting to make some pumpkin ravioli lately and that might inspire me. I'm jealous that you will have a taco hell so close to you now!

simple girl said...