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don't worry, the sheep has a significance.

1. because no one wants to sleep on the floor

well, after much searching accompanied by twenty nine reminders from my parents, i finally got a bed! well i don't have it yet, it gets delivered tomorrow, but today i BOUGHT a bed. after learning that i would not only be getting a chaise, a coffee table, and a tv from stella--who we will now refer to as santa claus--i found out that she will also be giving me her couch. apparently she is tired of her furniture and ready for a change (and also happens to have friends who are giving away some of their stuff) which is how i lucked out. aside from the couch, the bed was the other big thing i needed to complete my puzzle. now that the couch is set and the bed is bought, it feels like things are REALLY started to fall into place downstairs at apartment #9.

speaking of things falling into place...

2. note to self: wear protective goggles when painting if you don't want to end up with periwinkle eyes

i wish i was joking about getting paint in my eye, but i'm not. mom don't worry, i can still see. well, not without my contacts but that's another story. the paint droplets from my eyes to my toes and the arthritis i'm experiencing at the moment were SO worth the hours and hours it took me to finally painting my living room. well, technically it's my living room/kitchen/dining room/tv room/beer drinking room (it's a one bedroom so you have to be creative). some of the walls look a little shiny because i took the pictures right after i finished. most likely i'll still run a quick second coat on and do a few touch-ups tomorrow, but for the most part, it's finally done! and i LOVE it. i can only imagine how awesome it will look once all of my pictures, wall hangings, and furniture are in there. i think periwinkle will also go very nicely will a small kitten. but not until january of course.

3. that's all folks

as much as i would love to stay and chat, i'm finishing up a bowl of oatmeal and then it's off to bed! tomorrow is a 6:45 AM morning (enter string of profanity) and also my last day of training! scary, but at the same time it will be good to start actually bringing in some money. and yes, this oatmeal made my list today because i haven't had oatmeal in a LONG time and it was just lovely.

highlight of the day:

i told you the sheep had a purpose! the mattress store that i went into today specialized in selling serta mattresses--which i was a fan of because it was a name brand that i recognized. as the salesman (who was incredibly nice and didn't look like he fell out of a used car dealership) and i spoke about why i decided to go with this store seeing as there are mattress stores on every other corner, i motioned to the sheep on the wall and told him that it was the name brand. serta is a comapany that i actually recognize and seeing the sheep on the wall (their mascot) reminded me of their commercials. the name itself reassured me that i was choosing a well-known, well-made brand. on my way out of the store, he told me i deserved one of these.

everyone, meet my first pet!
he appears to be a little shy, but i think he's just being sheepish.


simple girl said...

the walls looks great! mom loves them too!!! I can't wait till I come back again and you're all moved in :) I know it will be awesome.

simple girl said...

lol I meant for you to make a whole new blog post out of those questions but what you did works too