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the above teapot is dedicated to #1 on today's list:

1. great minds think alike

today as i was warming up my leftover pad thai--old school style because i'm still without a microwave--i knew that sara would appreciate a picture message. to put it simply: sara LOVES thai food. to put it realistically: sara's first child will probably be born with spring rolls for arms and legs. i mean, the girl could eat thai food every single day of the week. she lives for thanksgiving, but i know she wishes that the turkey was stuffed with noodles. as i squeezed some lime over the skillet, wiped my hands, and scanned the room for my cell phone, a loud buzzing came from the couch. i dug my phone out from between the cushions and slid it open to find a picture from sara.

of pad thai.

although this is the first time we were seconds away from sending each other identical pictures, this is NOT the first time we've happened to connect at the exact same time. i can't tell you how often it's occured that our first communication throughout the day will happen at the EXACT same time. it will be 7 PM and just as i'm sending her a text for the first time that day, the moment i hit send, a message from her will pop up. half of the time, our texts say things like "guess what i just found in my trunk" or "i just lost the straw for my capri sun". it's not like we're exchaning profound thoughts, it's the idea that we both just happened to want to share something with each other at the exact same random moment in time.

i know these just seem like a bunch of coincidences, but it reminds me that no mater how far away we are, we are always intertwined. it's as if at the exact same moment in time, 2,588 miles away, we both thought of each other. and i think that's pretty aweosme. i realize that physically i'm here all by myself, but the truth is that i can still feel my best friend all around me everyday. how lucky am i?

2. hammer time

new hanging additions!

clearly i didn't hang this rug, i just threw it on the floor and called it a day. but i'm kind of obsessed with it. look how well it matches the tile!

it started to get a little too late for banging on the walls with a hammer, so i'm saving the last few things for tomorrow. at least this pile is getting smaller! soon enough this table will be clear and i'll be able to eat on it!

 oh who am i kidding, i eat on the couch.

after all of that decorating, i decided to put these here.

3. tables

generally, people use tables for eating, HOWEVER, tomorrow i will be using a table for reading! what does this mean, you ask? well, my friend bryce has just finished writing a movie (his 3rd i believe), and one of the first steps post-completion--after a happy dance, many re-writes, and i'm sure approvals by various people--is that you have a "table read". this means that you bring in people to sit around a table and read the script outloud. this is no guarantee that any of the readers will actually land the parts, but it's still a great opportunity. i was lucky enough to be asked by my buddy bryce to read one of the lead parts! again, this is no promise of anything--it's just a great opportunity for me to be around writers, directors, actors, and to make a kickass first impression. at the end of the day, you never know what's going to come out of something. so tomorrow after work i'll be heading straight to this exciting opportunity! all i ask for is good vibes, and the hope of finding a fast food place along the way. it's hard to read properly without a junior bacon cheeseburger in your belly.

highlight of the day:

every night that i've come home since the move, i've walked through the gate, passed the courtyard, and turned left to go up the stairs. and then i realize that i don't live there any more and that i should probably break the habit of almost walking into keltie's apartment every night. the irony is that of all the times i've almost ended up in her apartment, tonight, she knocked on the door and ended up in mine! no, not because she was lost and thought she lived there, but because she was dropping off a piece of my mail. so today, the highlight of my day was this package i receieved from my grandma. it contained a new york times article about how to get by cheaply in los angeles.

 bea bea, you know me too well.


Jeff said...

Fanny, You should always have your refrigerator to do list on your blog. Today's was hilarious. 1. Pay parking tickets. 2. Don't get any more parking tickets. 3. Buy English muffins. So very funny and filled with nooks and crannys too...just like your apartment. I also love that if you and you new best friends Ben & Jerry hang out to much- you will never fit in the kitchen which looks about 9 inches wide. I love you. Dad

simple girl said...

of course I love everything about this post :) I'm going to need to get some of those socks..