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after finishing my blog at almost 2 AM last night, watching TV until close to 4 (i blame the sugar in my carrot cake cupcake), and then waking up at 6:45 AM to the sound of my new globe lights crashing to the ground--i had a bad feeling about those, i've decided that i need to start getting in bed earlier.

what does this mean?

well, it means that since i work at night and often don't walk in my door and sit down for dinner until 9:30-10 o'clock (damn you los angeles parking), from time to time, i'm going to save my blogs for the afternoon. speaking of dinner...

sorry i made you drool.
come back tomorrow for more details regarding eggplant roll-a-fanny.

 it doesn't mean that you won't occasionally wake up and see that a new blog has been posted (YAY!), but i know that instead of coming home and eating dinner late, relaxing until midnight and THEN starting a blog, it's best for me to get some rest and save the funny jokes for the morning. although, i do feel bad for those of you who wake up and go straight to my blog looking for a laugh. that being said, i leave you with this.

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