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1. fancy!

there's a handful of things i forgot to bring with me here to los angeles. jewelry, certain peace college hoodies, mango...the list goes on. the weather is getting chilly here and yesterday when i went to search for socks to go under my closed toed work shoes, it occured to me that all i had were white sneaker socks. if you know me and my fantastic fashion sense, you'll know that i wore them anyway and just did my best to look extra pretty so no one would look down at my feet. this morning as i dug through the package my mom sent me looking for a necklace, i came upon something that i had forgotten entirely about.

2. movers and shakers

santa claus (she goes by stella)--my neighbor who is basically furnishing my new apartment--has been touching base with me throughout the week about the plans for moving the furniture. she had mentioned to "bring some guys" but since i'm still pretty new here, i don't have the same network of people to call for a helping hand. in raleigh, i could send out a mass text to my contact list that says "bring muscles and i'll bring beer" and i would have a line of thirty boys knocking on my door.

HERE, my most recently added phone numbers are chinese restaurants and the nice lady from craigslist who sold me some tables. just as i was deciding to go onto the streets in search of rob kent's hollywood look-a-like, stella caled with the news that her friend bringing the furniture would also be bringing along not two, not three, but FOUR movers! some of the furniture is coming from stella's apartment and her couch literally has to be lowered over the railing, so you can only imagine how it would have looked if i showed up with three delivery guys from china wok. the moving begins early tomorrow morning so as all of you are eating lunch on the east coast tomorrow, i'll be directing four strong boys where to place my new big screen TV.

life. is. good.

3. speaking of TV...

my very first night here all by myself in hollywood, i was TV-less. i take that back, i had a TV, but the cable wasn't hooked up. that's like having a toaster with no poptart. kind of a tease. i know that TV isn't that big of a necessity to most people, but for me, it's a comfort. for as long as i can remember, i've had a TV in my room at home. there's something about having the sound on in the background that's comforting to me. most people prefer silence, i like hearing food network. i fall asleep to it, i wake up to it, and i get ready to it. when i wake up and hear paula dean's voice, i know that i've slept later than usual and it's around 10:30. when i'm putting on makeup for work and i hear that rachael ray is JUST now putting her chicken into the skillet, i know that i still have at least ten minutes left before i'm late.

it's not that i'm watching hours and hours of TV, it's more that i enjoy the comfort of the sound. as soon as the guy from time warner cable flipped on my TV almost two months ago, an embarassingly loud sigh of relief came out of my mouth. like i said, it's a comfort. when wilbur was living in my room at home, i kept the TV on food network twenty four hours a day at a low volume. when i wasn't in there and he was by himself, i hoped that it would comfort him just like it did for me. the morning i left home to move california, i turned the TV off.

and then i walked back into my room and turned it on. my dad looked at me like i was nuts and then i said to him, "i'm going to leave this on. if you want to turn it off after i leave, that's okay. but for now, i'm going to leave this on." he may have only partially understood at the time, but reading this now i'm sure he understands a little better. if the TV is on when i come back home in december...i'm just wouldn't hurt.

moral of the story: time warner cable is coming tomorrow to hook up my TV. when i officially move in on saturday--bobby flay, tyler florence, and giada de laurentiis will be there to greet me. it doesn't get much more exciting than that.

highlight of the day:

i had planned on throwing a bowl of ramen in the microwave when i came home from work tonight, but after getting out an hour late again--i think i should just expect to work 4-8 instead of 4-7 and if i get out before 8 i can congratulate myself for being done early--and then driving around for fifteen minutes searching for parking, i knew i needed something special. i also got the phone call from stella that it would most likely be an early morning moving tomorrow. realizing that it's going to be a long exciting day of moving, painting, and dragging all of my crap downstairs--i decided that tonight's dinner should leave me with a happy stomach, and fill me up so i have strength for tomorrow.

enter spicy drunken noodles.

i'm not one for closed toed shoes--i tend to live in my rainbows no matter the season--but in the occasion that i'm going out for a run or my toes are numb, i'll throw on some shoes and socks. in short, do i need fancy socks? not really. do i own one pair just incase? yes.  

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