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today i received an awesome blog award from my favorite pad thai-eating, cupcake-making, forever 21-loving best friend. thanks to sara over at simple thoughts from a simple girl, i get to share seven facts about myself with all of you :) high five mclamb!

1. my three things i'd bring on a desert island are: a six pack of coors light, a jar of peanut butter, and an acoustic guitar.
2. i was born in philly and had a raging northern accent when i was about three years old.
3. i can't litter.
4. i sweep my floors about three times a day.
5. i just discovered a new love for tart frozen yogurt and i want to eat it for every meal.
6. i used to buy sara-lee strawberry cheesecakes from the grocery store and never once did i cut myself a slice. instead, i sat in front of the TV and dug into it with a fork.
7. i take bugs outside.

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