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take a hike!

i'd like to introduce all of you to a brand new section of the blog! i've recently discovered a love for hiking--despite my complete un-athletic and un-outdoorsiness, and i wanted to devote a whole section of the blog to every time i find a new trail.

welcome to "take a hike!"

today's adventure:
woodland hills park in burbank

what better way to balance out my un-outdoorsiness than with something completely nature-ific and hippietastic like pigtails?
and a peace college hoodie.

this hike was definitely different than griffith park. it was a little more...nature-y.
geez i'm just making up my own words all over the place today.
the path was much more narrow, windy, and steep. there were also a TON of different trails you could take. after winding up and down a bunch of these hills, i looked up into the sky and decided that getting to the top of this peak (the highest one within hiking reach) was my goal for the day.

i made it to what i believed was the top--only to realize that the damn thing kept winding up.
kind of like when you eat a bowl of spaghetti and feel like you've been shoveling bite after bite in your mouth for an hour and then you look down to see that you've hardly made a dent.
once i realized that i had been hiking for close to an hour, i had yet to slip, had made it to where i thought was the top, AND saw a fresh snake trail imprint and didn't pee my adidas pants--i knew it was time to call this a success and head back down.

luckily, some kind hiker had left a handy piece of advice behind for those of us who had no idea how to get back to the bottom.

possibly one of the most exciting moments of the day:

i couldn't think of a better way to end this great day of exercise than by treating myself to a caramel macchiato (thanks for the giftcard bea bea!) and a nice little homemade lunch.

oh wait.
yes i can.

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lisa singer said...

love your video clips your music, your laughter.....keep up the good work fanny..we're all pulling for you