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my dad is special.

my dad and i have always shared the same goofy sense of humor. although i pick on him for his bad puns and silly jokes, the matzah ball doesn't fall far from the soup.
or something along those lines.
my mom, sister, and best friend have all gotten to make it to the west coast for a visit, but my dad was last to check off of that list. after traveling to napa for work, he hopped on a plane and made his way to southern california to see me last week. although my mom and the sara(h)s had gotten a sneak peek into my life in hollywood, my dad was the first to get to see my new apartment and most meet my sidekick.

needless to say, him and olive immediately got along.


which of course meant that every morning when i would leave to pick him up at his hotel, someone always wanted to tag along...

i made sure that he got to see all of the best parts of los angeles. we walked down the fancy streets of beverly hills, drove around the trendy shops on melrose in west hollywood, saw a museum or two in downtown LA, and of course hit the santa monica pier.

as you saw from a few pictures up, my dad also got to have his very first yogurtland experience. he was the classic first-timer: he saw an exciting flavor (pistachio) and immediately filled his bowl to the brim. he then saw two more flavors he couldn't resist and quickly ate some of his pistachio yogurt to make more room. when i reminded him "don't forget to leave room for the toppings" he said, "nah. i don't need any." next thing i know, he's sprinkling granola in and around every available crevice of his yogurt swirls.

i should have given him a pep talk about not getting ahead of yourself.

on hollywood tour de la fanny, we saw some funny things...

we saw some big things.

we saw some strange things.

but mostly importantly, we saw each other (insert awww here). it was great to have my dad on the left side of world and to know that every day i got to wake up and spend the afternoon with someone that i love.
and equally as important as seeing eachother, we saw LOTS of yummy food.
but you'll have to click here for all of the delicious details!


simple girl said...

These pictures are great and hilarious. I am so glad that your dad got to go see you in your new life and experience LA with you. Having a parent around always makes life more sweet :)

Jeffrey Slater said...

I especially enjoyed having my photo taken with my Yogurt Treat and the 8 foot tall lady from MOCA. I'm coming back again soon so Olive and I can have a martini together. (Something we didn't get a chance to do). Since she likes to jump into everything, why not a martini? Yes, I am special.