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a recap.

veggie sandwich saturday

whole foods honey wheat sunflower bread, light garden veggie cream cheese, tomato, avocado, cucumber, yellow bell peppers, sprouts, salt, pepper, and smoked mozzarella.
sometimes it's nice to go healthy for lunch...
because you don't feel as bad about having pizza and beer for dinner.

rearranging furniture sunday

 for the past few months, my lovely sofa has had an identical mini-sidekick--we'll call her love seat. 

love seat has been residing on the left side of the living room next to the TV. although she was a wee bit big for my tiny little apartment, i was just keeping her safe until a friend of stella's had some room for her. i eventually got used to love seat and she became a great purse holder and also a nice place to curl up from time to time. it felt like i was saying goodbye to a friend as we hauled her out of my 4runner last night and into a storage room. however, when i got home and looked around at all of my new space, i stared at the beautiful gigantic wood coffee table in the center of my living room...and i couldn't help but wonder...

now with the coffee table off to the side, my living room has so much space...
i could dance around in circles.
i could do step aerobics.
i could throw a beer pong tournament.
i can even see the pattern on my carpet!

i was so enthralled with my new roomy setup, i celebrated the only way i know how:

lots of love monday

i saw this today while walking back from gelson's. of course it wasn't technically for me, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't some kind of a sign. thirty minutes later, i was in the kitchen making a sandwich and shoo-ing olive off of the counter--when i got a phone call from my dad. he was calling to wish me a happy valentine's day, tell me he loved me, and say that he wanted me to use his credit card to buy myself dinner one night this week.
moral of the story?
 you were right mysterious little sign...
i am loved.
thanks dad <3

happy valentine's day everybody!

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simple girl said...

Your furniture looks really really good!.. and so does the yougurtland.
I can see why you loved that sandwich too yummm. I think the sun chips really make it.