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five completely random things.

1. sometimes olive does things that don't make sense for a cat.

2. at gelson's the other night, i unknowingly parked right next to a car that was almost identical to my best friend's lime green convertible bug. i had a flashback of being back in raleigh at our apartment.
it made me smile.

3. i helped keltie take photos for some new items that she was putting up on her super cute webstore ( in return, she gave me this rad bracelet.
and has let me borrow like three outfits in the past few days. i love other people's closets. (if you're reading this, can i wear those boots again tomorrow?)

4. whoever writes the los angeles forecast on has a lovely sense of humor.

5. yesterday, i discovered that lomein and chowmein are pretty much the same thing and that diet A&W root beer is WAY better than diet barq's root beer.
two epic revelations in one afternoon.


simple girl said...

yay for green bugs :) and I know I've already said this but that chinese food looks so so so so so good.. and that rootbeer doesn't look too bad either.

Stacy Jill Calvert said...

Our cat does the same thing (except for climb on the top of the closet). She's a love whore. :)