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toes in the water, ass in the sand

the beach? in december?
i knew there was a reason i was going to like california.

after seeing that the forecast called for 80 degree weather and sunshine, i immediately hopped off of my couch and threw on the first bathing suit i could find. i decided that with weather like this, i was obligated to take advantage of living thirty minutes away from the beach. as i spritzed on my coconut tanning oil and laid in the warm sun, i chatted with sara back on the east coast. she had just walked out of walmart, and as soon as i heard the cold air whoosh through the phone, she screamed as if she had just seen a squirel driving a mini-van.

clearly, the beach was a good decision.

the only bad part about being in such a public place is the crowds of people that i seem to draw in. no matter how big my sunglasses are, i guess there will always be a line waiting for an autograph...

apparently i wasn't the only person to ever think of going to the beach on a beautiful day.

not like this is hard to believe, but my most important updates from the last few days are food-related. although i drove to santa monica (two days in a row) for the sunshine, i also was in search of the perfect sandwich. once again, not like that's hard to believe.

so for all the sandwiches, waffles, frozen yogurt and other here!

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