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oh raleigh, how i've missed you

yes, the rumors are true. tula and i hopped on our plane back to the east coast and headed home! i arrived in north carolina last wednesday night to two beaming parents--one very tired, and the other very awake and wearing pajamas and a winter coat.

 i was also greeted by these smiling faces via picture message.

and then i was welcomed into the house by someone who looked very confused to see me.

once we were all settled in...

my furry brothers and i got a good night's sleep and then woke up to this!

three days before, i was laying on the thing i know, i'm searching for carrots to make a snowman! okay not really, but it was nice to see the winter wonderland outside. the snow didn't stick around for more than a day, but that didn't bother me because i had a very important mini-vacation ahead of me and i didn't want anything standing in my way.

step one:

step two:

step three:

i spent the next three and a half days with my very best friend doing all of our favorite things. eating spaghetti, watching movies, testing new frozen yogurt shops, ordering japanese food to-go, making walmart trips, reheating spaghetti, taking pictures, baking cookies, and visiting wilmington. we even had our very own christmas. along with tons of other thoughtful gifts--one of them being something very relevant to my blog which i can't WAIT to share!--sara made me an amazing slideshow. one second i had tears literally shooting out of my eyes, and then i was laughing so hard i scared all three of her cats. we spent our last day in wilmington, eating caramel apples and waffle cones, laughing until our cheeks hurt and enjoying every second together.
everything in the universe felt right again.

there are some people who simply just complete you, no matter how many miles stand in your way.
"you only meet your once in a lifetime friend, once in a lifetime." ~little rascals

after coming home from my amazing weekend in little river, i walked in the door to two of my favorite things.

1. a homecooked meal

and my sister!

usually our communication is through a phone seeing as we live in two different states, so you can imagine how special it is to be able to see her in person. she was a little sleepy, confused, and cold seeing as she had just flown in from hawaii that day, but the homecooked meals and reruns of friends are beginning to kick in.

zoro was really happy to see sarah...
's sweatshirt.

i've assigned him to keep her bed warm during the day.
he's doing a really good job so far.

aside from seeing my family--and the dentist of course--i've also gotten to see some of my old friends.

 mr. nacho and i met up with our friend crosson to celebrate her taking the physician's assistant exam. one of our other good friends, lauren, just graduated from law school and is studying for the bar.

my friends are doctor and lawyers.
and me?
...well, there's always hot dog eating contests.

crosson really enjoyed her present: a mug with the canadian flag on it.

i still have lots more family time to have, lots more homecooked meals to eat, lots more nights out with friends to see (including those who aren't in town yet!), and lots more of my favorite east coast foods to check off of my list.

my very first day, my mom asked if it felt weird for me to be home. the truth is that it feels like i never left. it's as if beachwood and all of the hollywood craziness was just a dream, or a memory. i've only been there for three months so to me, it makes sense that being home still feels completely normal. california may be where i live, but raleigh will always be home to me. and no matter how long i live on the west coast, the second i step back into north carolina, everything will always fall into place. don't get me wrong, i'm absolutely enjoying my time in california. it's the first time in my life i'm growing up and becoming independent. i may be twenty five, but i still have a lot more to learn and i can't wait to keep coming back here with more stories. i'm meant to be out there, but boy does it feel good to be back home.
to put it simply:

"so, are you missing california?" ~sara's mom


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