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hello all!

i know everyone is wondering how i've been feeling post-firing and post-flu, and i'm happy to say that i'm starting to feel MUCH better! i'm still not 100% but i'm certainly getting there. on a scale of 1-10 i'd say i'm beginning to feel A-OK! also known as...

(yes this picture is about a year old and was taken at flying saucer in downtown raleigh. oh how i miss that place. someone please take me there for wings and beer when i'm home.)

i would love to share a teapot with you of exciting things that have happened, but...well...when you're recovering from the stomach flu, you don't really get out much. the past few days have been spent on the couch watching movies and getting in bed early. although doctors say that you really can't do anything for a virus, i'm happy to report that ample amounts of tea, toast, and blockbuster can get you right back on track. for those wondering whatever happened to that baked potato...

this was a few nights ago when i was still feeling a little uneasy so the baked potato was pretty simple--just a little butter, salt, pepper, and cheese. normally i would have doused it in sour cream and knocked on a neighbor's door for some bacos. the chicken was from gelsons (i can't take credit for that). i just needed a little more substance in my diet than toast, and this chicken was calling my name.
yes, chickens in hollywood speak english.

tonight was really the first night i felt up to eating something a little less plain, so i opted for pasta! nothing too fancy--some angel hair with apple chicken sausage, tomatoes, shallots, and a drop of wine white. i wasn't planning on using goat cheese, but not using goat cheese on pasta this beautiful is against my upbringing.
and at the very last minute, before i even knew what had happened, i had made a balsamic drizzle. one second i was cleaning the pots and pans, and the next thing i knew i had reduced half a cup of balsamic vinegar. it was like i blacked out and mario batali took over my body.

although i had these few pictures to share with you, i feel bad not having any exciting events happen in the past few days for me to blabber on about. so for today's blog, i've decided to skip the blabbering...
and just show you pictures that make me laugh.
you guys think I'M funny...where do you think i get it from?


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