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okay CLEARLY it didn't snow in california. it's 74 degrees here. but it did snow in raleigh! if i had just seen the mobile uploads and the twenty nine facebook statuses that said "i took a three hour nap and woke up to snow" i would have felt a little more left out, but i happened to be on the phone with my mom at the EXACT moment it started coming down outside. she was sitting at the kitchen table, most likely feeding mango scrambled eggs, and suddenly she stopped mid-sentence and said, "NO! NO WAY! you're never going to believe this!" i just assumed that a group of baby deer were in the backyard using our swingset. but as it turns outs, snow was starting to fall from the sky! of all of the times to be on the phone with my parents--well, just my mom at that point, my dad was mopping the kitchen floor--i happened to call right before the flurries began to drop. instead of feeling homesick or sad that i was missing the first snowfall of winter, i felt like i was right there with them on koupela drive.

oh how i miss snow days in raleigh...

and we all know how a good snow day ends...


in other news:

a few weeks ago, i got an email from a teacher at ravenscroft (the school i attended in raleigh from preschool to senior year) saying that she loved following along with my blog. that was enough of a compliment, but then she asked me if i would be the december alumni blogger on the ravenscroft website! i told her that i would be honored to share my story alongside other past ravens. yes, we are the ravenscroft ravens. i mean...ravenscroft tigers really doesn't flow as nicely. it's exciting to think that teachers who watched me doodle in their class for years will get to read about my academic achievements at peace and how i actually pursed my dream of moving to california. years back there was always "talk" of me planning on going there, but it wasn't until i ran into a fellow classmate at a grocery store who said to me "i thought you moved to california?" that i realized how fast that rumor had spread.

i hope i bump into him at harris teeter when i'm home for the holidays.

click here to see my ravenscroft blog!

speaking of blogs...

if you haven't already seen it, click HERE to view my dad's blog "moments later." he is a wonderful writer and has been sharing all kinds of great stories about himself and our family. his posts are like good books that you just can't seem to put down. so go check it out and become a follower!

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