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i sat outside of the starbucks in beverly hills today and did some serious thinking...

a recent lesson learned about


most women here are 5'9, with perfect bright blonde hair, legs that start at their face, and arms skinny enough to stack cheerios on.
they have a closet full of cocktail dresses and get invited to the best parties with the "best" people.
they're never caught without heels on and they eat botox for breakfast.


i just recently reached 5'3.
i generally have about twenty nine fly-aways and a few split ends from attempting to cut my own bangs.
i own twelve pairs of leggings and zero pairs of high heels.
i have seventeen movies taped on my DVR.
i had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast.

it's good to be different.

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Jeffrey Slater said...

You have always been different. You will always be different.
And it is FANtastic.