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have you ever had one of those overwhelming feelings that something really strange was about to happen?

as i've mentioned before--my favorite walk in all of hollywood is the one that happens to be in my neighborhood. as i walk out of my apartment's gate door and turn left--the street zig zags up into the hills of beachwood canyon. it's my favorite walk for a handful of reasons, but mainly because it was the first place i ever explored after moving here on my own. i had never lived by myself before, so i guess i never realized how many thoughts were constantly running through my head. all day long my mind would race with anything and everything. with no one around to really talk to--i needed a way to get all that energy out of my body. i can't even begin the count the dozens of times i've tossed on a pair of sketchers, and jetted out the door and up the hill. the other great part of this walk is that the hollywood sign inches closer and closer and hardly ever goes out of sight.

the first time i saw this,
i stopped...
and thought about turning around.

these odd cave-like structures appear on both side of the road towards the top of the neighborhood. as i stopped and stared at these rocky doorways, two thoughts popped into my head:

i thought about dodging these entirely by doing the obvious and walking around them--but for some reason that felt like bad luck. instead i shoved my hands in the pockets of my sweatpants and darted through the narrow pathway.

these walks have become a staple in my weekly routine, but it wasn't until last night that i realized something very interesting. as i traced my usual route up beachwood drive--hopping over uneven curbs and dodging dog walkers--i stepped outside of my body for a moment as i approached the stone walls. i watched myself pass through this rocky opening and suddenly became very aware of my auto-pilot response for gliding through this creepy overpass. as i upped the speed in my step and reached the entrance--i drew in a deep breath, and squeezed my eyes shut. when i realized what i had just done, i stopped in my tracks and cocked my head to the side. 
what had possibly caused me to hold my breath? what realistic explanation could there be for closing my eyes so tight that one of my contacts almost popped out? 

it then occurred to me that outsiders would clearly assume i was farting--
and that's no way to present yourself in hollywood.

as i continued my walk, i couldn't help but dwell on what might have stimulated these involuntary movements. why was it that every time i passed through these walls, my body unconsciously repeated these strange motions? i followed the twisted road past the market and distracted myself with the fluorescent flowers that blanket the beautifully manicured lawns. as i turned the corner to trek up the infamous beachwood stairs, i came to an abrupt halt. 

that's it,
i thought to myself. that's what makes me cringe, and shudder, and hold my breath every time i dart through those walls. 
for some inexplicable reason...
i believe...
that walking through that cave will transport me through time.

i said it.

to be continued.....

not really.
but if i go missing, at least you'll all know what happened.

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Jeffrey Slater said...

So this is where Marty and Doc Brown figuree out the flux capaciter and that it takes 1.21 gigawatts of energy to transport you back in time.
Great post. BTW, Time Switch could also be read as Times Witch. (since Halloween comes soon and the big newspaper in LA is called the Times). Keep writing and making great innovative food! ILY Daddy- 0