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what kind of stuff, you ask?

happy stuff:

homemade chicken picatta with lemon juice, lemon zest, shallots, butter, white wine, parsley, and basil served with toasted garlic bruschetta and honey balsamic roasted brussel sprouts.
i had a friend over, hence the ridiculous amount of chicken.
see the completed dish in the fanfare section!

on a necklace.

a saturday that consists of betting at the horse races with your friends and then watching UNC dominate duke in a carolina-friendly bar.

awkward stuff:

a plastic coors light bottle with a screw off cap.
awkward for three reasons:
1. it was $6.50 which is more than a six pack at the gas station.
2. coors light should only be transported to my mouth via glass bottle, can, pint glass, beer helmet, or keg stand.
3. it's not a diet sunkist, so i don't need to carry it around in my purse for later.

a mime outside of the scientology celebrity centre. 9:30 AM on a saturday morning.

this one speaks for itself.
but just for fun, let's play a little game called "which item doesn't belong here?"

exciting stuff:

my family is known for slicing half a banana, and then throwing the other half back in the bowl only to watch it get brown and smushy the rest of the week.
well now, we can finally save our bananas.
mom and dad...i give you the newest addition to our family:

the new flavor at yogurtland.
also known as, what dreams are made of.

shades that match my new shades necklace.

for those of you who i'm friends with on facebook, you'll know that this picture was also recently used with the caption:
"who just got a job at the raddest thrift shop on la brea? THIS girl."
for those of you who are just now hearing the's true! just yesterday i was hired at buffalo exchange in west hollywood--which in my opinion, is the best thrift shop in los angeles. not only do they buy and sell women and men's clothes, but everything from the jewelry to the accesories is AWESOME stuff at a great price. it's exciting to be hired for anything at all after this almost six month long journey of job searching, but it's super exciting to be hired at a place you actually shop. i'm not one for "fashion"--those of you who know me know that most of the time, i just throw on whatever looks clean and comfortable--however, i'm trying to expand my closet and express my personality a little bit more.
one of the very important things i've recently come to realize about los angeles is that it's not just a city, it's an attitude.

people here dress in all kinds of wild and outlandish ways simply to express their personality. now, i realize that people do that all over the country--but what i've learned from my time here is that the los angeles attitude is just about being comfortable enough with yourself to wear something a little crazy. i will always be a jeans and white t-shirt kind of girl, but i've discovered that there are sides of my personality that i can express through the way i dress. i was always a little more shy about branching out because of this main concern: does this go together? my best friend sara has been telling me for years that it's not about what matches, it's about what you like and what you think looks good together. who knew that the los angeles attitude could live and breathe inside of a born and bred south carolina country girl?

i've always admired sara for her bold fashion choices, so after all of her encouragement and six months of adapting to the hollywood lifestyle, i'm finally starting to discover a whole other side of me.
a side that throws on a scarf for no reason, that carries around a different pair of shades for whatever mood i'm in, and that has no problem leaving the house in an outfit that is NOT jeans and a t-shirt.

oh, and by the way,
i got another job today.

no really.
tonight, my friend loryn took me over to her old restaurant where they were in need of a friday lunch server. seeing as the job at buffalo exchange is only part time, i could use a few extra shifts somewhere else. talk about following through--loryn introduced me to the manager and he basically hired me on the spot simply off of her advice (and of course my charm and million dollar smile). not only does the menu of this place look fantastic, but it's a brewhouse that carries 24 different california-crafted beers on tap. also known to me as: heaven.
the manager's first question to me was, "do you like beer?"

i'm going to like it here.

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