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i'm baaaaaaaack.

here is what i have learned:
when you have no jobs, you have time to do things like hike and make funny videos. when you have TWO jobs and one friend in town, you have no idea where your tennis shoes are and the closest you get to a computer is checking facebook on your phone.
my apologies for the long blog absence. today is finally a day off of work, and i decided that since i'll already be sitting on my ass all day...

might as well catch everybody up to speed!
oh, and make a frittata.

first and foremost, the new job is going pretty well--despite the ridiculous back problems that come from standing for eight hours tagging and hanging clothes. on the positive side, i really have learned a lot just from two weeks of work. i've learned that zippers on women's jeans are usually shorter than zippers on men's jeans. i've learned that the collar of a men's t-shirt is usually shaped differently than the collar of a women's t-shirt.
i've also learned that the tagging gun is very sharp.
to sum it all up:


rad outfit:

desire to have any interest in fashion:

as for the restaurant job (blue palms brewhouse) i've only had two short training shifts and one very slow day, but i'm enjoying it so far. the highlight of my very first shift there yesterday was accidentally stepping on this right before walking through the door.

as for this past week, i had a very special visitor.

no, no, no. not them.

my good buddy john--who has been one of my closest friends since ten years old--came all the way from boston to see me! we hardly ever get to see each other, so having him here with me was amazing. how did we spend our few days together, you ask?
eating everything in sight.

let's begin.

sushi from shintaro.
i went with my personal fav: the shintaro roll (shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, crab, and cucumber wrapped in soy paper)

i also tried out their spicy tuna on crispy rice with jalapeno.

other than the amazing food and the fact that i ate my entire seaweed salad via chopsticks (a gigantic personal victory), the best part of the meal was the company. not only did i have john there across the table sipping miso soup, but our friend abbie (who we went to lower/middle/part of high school with) drove all the way from palm springs to join us.

how cool is it to eat dinner with people that you've known for fifteen years?

burgers from the counter in west hollywood.
of course i built my own greek-inspired burger: multigrain bun, turkey burger, roasted red pepper feta, tomatoes, coleslaw, and spicy pepperocini peppers.

john built himself a california-inspired burger: toasted hamburger bun, beef burger, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled peppered onions, and roasted garlic aoili.

for those of you who have ever been to the counter, you know you can't pass up their "fifty-fifty." part sweet potato fries, part crispy onions rings and three sauces: ranch, bbq, and horseradish.

step one:
see below picture.

step two:
scroll up two pictures and see the damage that john and i did to this little appetizer.
...BEFORE our burgers even came out.

the blu jam cafe in west hollywood is one of my mom's personal favorites. their pea soup really is incredible--and i don't even like peas. i had never been there for breakfast but had always heard really great things. one of my favorite parts of this meal was the fancy contraption my delicious earl grey tea came in.

my order: the toscana scramble. eggs scrambled with homemade pesto, cherry tomatoes, fennel turkey sausage, and goat cheese.
the ridiculously fresh fruit, rosemary toast, and fresh squeezed orange/grapefruit juice really made this a truly kickass meal.
well, that and the fact that we got an awesome outdoor table--perfect for people watching on melrose.

and of course...

yogurtland gave birth to a new customer.

on a scale of 1-10, how much did john enjoy his yogurt?
...we went back two days later.
you do the math.

on a smoggy-turned-sunshiney day in santa monica, what exactly does one do after dominating an entire plate of hot wings and a couple of beers?

order a salad.

and fried pickles.

after making some unhealthy--yet completely necessary--lunch choices, john decided it was time for a little fruit.

no really.
he found a tiny clementine on the ground that had fallen off of someones tree.
...and he ate it.

i know you're all wondering what kind of crazy shenanigans we got into for st. patrick's day on thursday.
sadly, i was scheduled for a FULL friday of work (at both jobs) and john had a 7 AM flight to catch, so we decided against any craziness.
the rest of hollywood, on the other hand, partied like rockstars.
apparently we need more than one irish pub.

don't worry, we still participated in the outfits.

all in all, john's trip here was an absolute blast. we may have missed out on the worldwide rager for st. patty's day--but i think that two trips to yogurtland and seeing kourtney kardashian in beverly hills made the trip a success.

cheers brother.

and what better way to end this blog...
than with a picture of elvis and michael jackson walking off into the sunset...

as MJ picks his wedgie.

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simple girl said...

this just looks like an awesome visit all around - I'm so glad y'all got to spend some time together! and the food looks aaamazing.