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rise and shine.

it's not that i'm not a morning person.

things are just so bright when you first wake up.
but sometimes, you need to grab the butt crack of dawn by the...crack...and seize the day!

that's AM. not PM.

a few weeks ago, my dad connected me to a woman who is a very successful casting director out here--but is originally from raleigh. knowing that she would be a great contact for me to have, i sent her an email. she's welcomed me with open arms and has been nice enough to let me intern in her office occasionally for the free experience. knowing that i'm jobless and slightly strapped for cash, she also gave me a pass to join her and her friends for a exercise boot camp that takes place in griffith park five days a week. because this pass only gets me into three free classes--and each class starts at 8 AM--i knew i would be choosing my mornings very carefully. each day of the camp is different, but when i heard cardio-kickboxing--something in me got a little excited. it wasn't until the music turned on and we did our first hop-skippity-jab step that i decided:
i am far more uncoordinated than i realized.
although it took me a little while to get adjusted to the vigorous workout that required me to use about eight body parts at once AND remember choreography, i knew i had burned off my cliff bar in the first ten minutes. about an hour ago, i got up to clean the dishes after sitting on the couch for a while. the second i put my foot on the floor, i could feel the burn shoot from the bottom of my legs, up through my ass, and out my fingertips. nobody likes to be sore, but it's an awesome feeling to know that you did something great for your body.
this morning as i hobbled back into my 4runner after an hour and a half of intense air punches, i immediately dialed my best friend to share my karate kid experience.

reason #49,023 why sara mclamb is my best friend:
"um. i'm the most uncoordinated person to have ever walked the earth."
"well i could have told you that."

take a hike!
today's edition of take a hike will be brought to you by runyon canyon in hollywood.

this is probably the most well-known hike in the area. some people actually don't like it because they think it's too crowded with dogs and people trying to socialize. after doing the hike, i'll say this: it's a good workout because you can spend about an hour wandering around (mostly uphill). it's different from my go-to hike--griffith park--in that at griffith, your goal is to get to the observatory and that only takes about 25-35 minutes. also, griffith is a shorter hike, bit it's a bit more rustic than runyon as well as a bit more steep overall. runyon seems a little more like a tourist attraction, but it was still great exercise with great views and i will DEFINITELY be going back.

i'd like to make a joke, but if both of us happened to get lost in the woods--i guarantee they would find her first.

snow covered mountains AND the hollywood sign.
not too shabby.

there's only one thing you can do in a situation like this.
close your eyes.
and pray for the best.
and if you're lucky, your wish just might come true.

you're telling me i have to fight a rattlesnake AND i can't ride my bicycle along the top of this gate?
what kind of a park is this?!

well...if you do a google image search for runyon canyon, one of the first pictures to come up is matthew mcconaughey. so basically--to answer my own question--this is a celebrity park.

britney and the kardashians out for a stroll?
probably not.
but i didn't ask.

come on. you guys didn't think i would really leave you without ONE celebrity sighting on this hike?
ladies and gentleman,
i give you...
mr. ed.

you're welcome.

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