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sunday brunch!

because what's a sunday without omelets?

like i've told you in past blogs, i'm not a great omelet flipper, so i usually rely on some sort of wacky use-my-hands method to flip the sucker over. i've also tried to just will it, you know...with my eyes, to flip on it's own. but that method has been less successful. while watching aarti party yesterday (the newest show on food network from the woman who won the most recent food network star), i saw her making an indian omelet. it was right then during that show that my omelet-making life was changed forever. although i can't exactly show you what happened--because it's hard to flip an omelet while videotaping yourself--i can try and describe it to you:

once the bottom side is cooked, and it's time to flip (see above picture), you slide the omelet onto a plate. then you put your now-empty pan over the omelet on the plate, and flip the plate over so that the omelet drops into the pan un-cooked side down. i'm sorry if that made no sense, but the most important part of this is the pretty pictures below.

i always love to set up my omelet station so that everything is organized and ready to go:
(this is the part where sara usually says to me, "i can't believe you're still single."

today's fillers: smoked apple chardonnay chicken sausage, gouda, cheddar, avocado, red wine/thyme infused mushrooms, and basil.
i normally opt for a muffin on the side (bran, blueberry, english--whatever i have on hand). but today i went for some fresh pineapples and strawberries with a little bit of greek yogurt (voskos exotic fig) and granola (pumpkin spice) on top.

beauty shot (duh):

"um. pardon me..."

who knew that nameless kitty (yes she will have a name soon) liked omelets!
she must be fancy.

yep. DEFINITELY fancy.

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Vanessa Nielsen said...

That omelet looks delicious!