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dear readers,
i've been a little disconnected lately. to everything. no really. i've been slightly consumed by something very important to me, and i apologize, but i do know that every second of this will be worth it in the end. nobody ever said that good things come easy...right? i'm not ready yet to go into further detail, but i do owe you a blog post. i still haven't gotten to show you the INSANE seven course meal i had on new years eve at bastide in west hollywood.

the food was amazing, but the other best part of the night was celebrating the very last minute of 2010 on a rooftop that overlooked hollywood. if you had told me one year ago that i would be standing here, making my "i'm fabulous" pose, on next new years eve:

i would have told you to get out.

as for the food, follow me here!

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