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1. hot light

um. there's a krispy kreme in california?! for some reason i thought these only existed on the east coast.
and in my dreams.

2. speaking of dreams...

since the hot light wasn't on at krispy kreme earlier, i decided to wander around the shopping center to see if there was anything else i could find. or eat. instead i stumbled upon a michael's. i've got some crafty ideas up my sleeve for a few things around the apartment, but i unexpectedly found this lovely wall pop that goes perfectly on the blank wall beside my bed. i have a few more thoughts to make this wall interesting, so i'll keep you posted. as for the other crafty ideas around the apartment, that's going to be a surprise! but the supplies are officially bought. watch out martha stewart.

3. mexican monday

as i excitedly counted down the minutes to the bachelor tonight, i debated my dinner options. clearly, i went for the quesadilla. always a great choice. normally i don't get TOO into the bachelor, but while accidentaly catching the premiere last week, i saw a very familiar face.

if the name keltie rings a bell for you, then you've done a very good job of paying attention to my blog.

does that wallpaper look familiar to you?

if you think back to four months ago when i was BRAND spankin' new to hollywood, my very first living space was a sublet from a dancer named keltie. she told me that she would be traveling for three months and that she would love to have me look after her apartment. it was a great opportunity for me because it gave me a while before i had to start looking for furniture...and a place of my own. instead of walking into an empty apartment all by myself in a brand new city, keltie's cozy little place was where i called home for my first few months in hollywood.

it wasn't until one week ago today when i was watching the bachelor and eating a totino's pizza that everything became clear. i was concentrating hard on getting a piece of pepperoni off of my lap when suddenly i heard a familar voice coming through my television screen. i looked up, and literally dropped my fork.
it turns out that keltie's whole reason for subletting her apartment was because she was in los angeles filming the bachelor. no wonder she kept coming by every few weeks to get more clothes. as most of you know, after moving out of keltie's place, my suitcases didn't travel very far. i moved right downstairs in our little beachwood courtyard and keltie has become a neighbor, a friend, and someone who texts me occasionally to borrow canola oil. not two minutes after i text her asking if i just saw her on my tv, she knocked on my door and asked:

"will you accept this rose?!"

it was so much fun to watch her on the show and know that the whole world is getting to see her wonderful, goofy personality. if you missed it, or you're not a bachelor fan and you're just curious: click here to see her hilarious entrance out of the limo. it's a seven minute video, so skip to 4:45 to get right to her.

only in hollywood would you accidentally end up subleasing the apartment of a rockette who is a contestant on the bachelor.

now THAT is bananas.

highlight of the day:

while driving to lunch in burbank today (long story), i looked up and realized what road i was on. 

because olive is one of the top names on my kitty name list, my first thought was: IT'S A SIGN!
and then i realized...wait. it IS a sign.
after much thought over nameless kitty's name, tonight, the verdict is in! i knew she couldn't go by "no name kitty" for much longer.

no matter how many times i asked her what she thought, her response was usually a yawn. or sometimes she'd just flip over onto her belly and stretch. at least we had it narrowed down to two. after practicing calling her both names back and forth all day, i decided it was time to stop confusing her.

...and put the ball in her court.

needless to say,
meet olive!

nothing wrong with having a little olive on your face.