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hi, i'm fanny. and i like to stand out.

from a very early age, i liked to stand out from the crowd. it occured to me that as you've been reading my blog, maybe you've been wondering who the girl is behind the extremely long sentences with too many commas. well, you already know that my favorite number is 25. so here is a list of 25 things about me that you should know:

1. i love my name. yes, that is my real name. yes, i was named after my great grandmother. and no, it's not short for anything.


2. everybody has that one food. mine is peanut butter.

3. i've loved guitars since i could hold one. i've played guitar since i was ten. i like to play, sing, and write songs a lot more than anyone knows. i'm no taylor swift, but i don't think i'm half bad.


4. i have a tendency to be late but i'm working on it.

5. if there was one place i could get one free thing from every day it would be starbucks.

6. i don't kill bugs, i take them outside. even the big ones. i wouldn't want someone stepping on me.

7. my best friend tells me i have the handwriting of a serial killer.

8. if i could only take three things on a deserted island i would bring an acoustic guitar, a six pack of coors light, and a scrapbook of my friends and family.

9. i know whether or not i like a song within the first five seconds.

10. my black 4runner fits me perfectly and i can't imagine driving anything else.


11. i carry around essential oils in my purse like lavender and peppermint. if you see me smelling them, i'm probably a little anxious.

12. i used to count the calories of everything i put in my mouth. then i learned that life is all about balance. i still try to eat pretty healthy, but please don't mention the world calorie around me.


13. i like my feet. they look identical to my mom's.


14. i talk too much and sometimes i say "like" almost every other word without realizing it.

15. i fall asleep and wake up to food network. and having it on in the background at all times makes me feel comforted.

16. i dabble in the doodle. (i like to draw cartoons...slightly dorky but i don't care.) and yes, i drew that.


17. i've always hated change. example: when hardees decided to stop selling the frisco grilled chicken sandwich in 1996, i wrote them a letter saying that my family would no longer be giving them business. it came back a few years ago. ...some things take time.

18. i look exactly like my dad and i'm proud.


19. my parents used to own an extremely successful brownie business in philadelphia over twenty years ago. i can cook like a pro, but the only thing i can bake is butterscotch brownies.

20. i like being the kind of person that people say is never sad.


21. for some reason that i'll never understand. i can't litter. sometimes i even pick up other people's trash if i know a garbage can is nearby.

22. i can be pretty predictable, but i like going outside my comfort zone and trying new things.

23. i've always wanted to sit in the 2nd O of the hollywood sign and in one month my best friend will be with me in california to help me make that dream come true.

24. i laugh outloud at myself. a lot.


25. there is not a doubt in my mind that i'm going to accomplish everything in this life that i put my mind to. please, no photographs.

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simple girl said...

First of all, I can't believe you put a large picture of your butt on here haha. Second of all, reading through this made me smile and laugh the entire time. I knew all of this about you already but it's nice to see it written down and so that others can experience it too. I loved the pictures also, they made everything come to life! You did an awesome job on this post :) kudos! Ps. you don't sometimes say like almost every other word, you always do :)