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thanks to the best friend over at simple thoughts from a simple girl, i have a fun new friday blog game to play!

1. soup!

i'm not really digging this whole "june gloom" thing that apparently happens every summer in los angeles--but at least the cooler weather means i get to have more of my favorite soup. that being said, this was lunch today.
yay friday soup!

2. this face 

exactly one week from today, i'll be on my way over to the other coast to see this face--who has thankfully agreed to be my eating/drinking partner for the weekend in boston where we'll watch my oldest friend get married.

3. good morning

although i enjoy the snappy tune my alarm clock wakes me up to every day, today is friday, which means tomorrow is saturday, which means F you alarm clock for the next two days!

4. friday night lights

although there are events in hollywood which require red carpets and cameras pretty much every night--fridays tend to have twice as much hoopla. i have a strange obsession with spotlights (don't hate) and i have to admit, even if i'm just home watching them from my window on a friday night--it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

5. i just want to hug all of the cats in the world...

it's true. i love cats.
i love cats so much that i decided to volunteer for the shelter where i rescued my furry little friend olive. last weekend was the orientation--but THIS weekend is the first time i actually get to go in and volunteer! so this friday marks the beginning of that journey. 

sorry, i had to.....

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simple girl said...

ahhhh I'm so glad you did this! I wonder if we have that brand of soup over here.. I will have to check that out. When I read your number 5 I BUSTED out laughing :)