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 "to me, fair friend, you never can be old, for as you were when first your eyes i eyed, such seems your beauty still."
~william shakespeare

in a tourist trap like hollywood, there are countless landmarks to hit during a
vaca in the land of the stars. when you actually live in the center of this 
wonderland--your obligations are no different. i've placed my tiny fingers in
hand-prints belonging to george clooney, marilyn monroe, and donald duck at the infamous grauman's chinese theatre. i've hiked up and down the dusty trails to get within rock-throwing distance of the hollywood sign. i've eaten the double-double at in-n-out. 

but there's been one checkpoint i've waited eight long months to cross off of my checklist. 

last night, i finally had my first pink's hot dog.

now if you know me at all, you know that there are three things i would take
with me on a desert island: a six pack of coors light, an acoustic guitar,
and a jar of peanut butter. luckily i don't need to count a hot dog as one of my
belongings because there would already be one in my back pocket. there's something about hot dogs that i just adore. maybe it's because they're the perfect food to carry around with you. maybe it's because i'm obsessive about ketchup and a hot dog is the ideal food to bathe in half a bottle of heinz. who knows, all i know...
is this:

i. love. hot dogs.

pink's is a family owned hot dog stand--without a doubt the most notorious one in los angeles--and has been in business since 1939. it has been in the same location for 71 years and is most well-known for these three things:

1. the line of people that is practically always, at any time of day, wrapped 
around the small building. 
2. its walls which are adorned with signed celebrity 
3. its extensive menu which is covered with celebrity-inspired dogs.

although i've spent many hours at work (i mean home) gazing at pink's menu, when it was my turn in line--i still panicked as i tried to deliberate between the seven things that i decided i must have. i ended up going with the "hollywood walk of fame" dog, which has coleslaw and chopped tomatoes. 

however, once i smelled their chili--i knew there was no way i was stepping out of this line without fanny-ing up my hot dog a little bit. at this point there was no turning back, so i did what any girl in my position would have done: 

"can i also add chili,
and onions? 
and ketchup? 
and mustard?"

"......and maybe some relish?"

luckily the man behind the counter found me hilarious and didn't mind that i had just ordered one of their customized hot dogs and then added five of my own toppings.

...and a side of fries at the last minute.

my date decided that since it was his first pink's experience as well, that he might as well go big or go home. 
however, at 6'6, you don't really have any other choice than to "go big" in pretty much every situation.

for jamie, "go big" meant the bacon burrito dog--a
big flour tortilla wrapped around two hot dogs, two slices of cheese, three slices of bacon, chili, and onions.
when i asked for the verdict of his first bite...
a silent look of happiness and then: 

"mmmmmmm. tastes like diabetes."

you can guess what happened next.


...and then some yogurtland for dessert.

go big or go home right?


Jeffrey Slater said...

Fanny - you are a hot dog! I loved that your are quoting Shakespeare to talk about your food. I relished the entire post and I love when we ketchup. These jokes won't pass the mustard. Love you. Daddy- O

You have a gift for writing about food. You also have a gift for eating food. Use them wisely.

Marian said...

I'm a vegetarian and this post makes me crave a hot dog:)

simple girl said...

So I've actually read these last 2 posts but unfort I'm just now getting around to commenting on them!
I'm so happy that you finally ate a pink's hot dog! I am so proud of you! I looked at the menu (again) and it all looks so delicious.