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well hello fellow blog followers!

while i had planned on writing a blog earlier today, as luck would have it--i had to to do ACTUAL know, at work. 
i know.
i was confused too.

however, i'd like to think that it all worked out for the better. and here's why:
as i clicked onto my blog tonight and debated on whether or not to throw something together right before bed, i noticed that i was on blog post #98.
that would make this one you're reading right now #99, which makes the one that i meant to write today (but will write tomorrow) the big 
i know.
i'm impressed with myself too.

so, with the hope that i'll get some free time tomorrow to catch you up on things and possibly provide you with a heartfelt moment or two--tonight, i will leave you with this:

i've decided that for my next job in california...
i'd like to be a hampster.

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