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after my extremely long absence,
i'm assuming you all have come
to the same conclusion:

that i tripped and fell into the "beyond" section of bed, bath, and beyond and have just now freed myself from the dark abyss.'re right.
okay, i can't lie--i was born with a raging conscience that doesn't allow me to follow through with simple, bad behavior like littering or swallowing my gum. although, it's not that i've been walking around with the intent to avoid blogging. i've actually had a bit of a barrier stand between myself and this lovely website. you see, in order to blog, one must have a functioning computer. 


for as long as i've had my dell laptop, i feel like it's always given me problems. the past few months it's gotten increasingly slower and about two weeks ago, it proved to me that it was on it's last leg. while sitting with the computer on my lap, the screen suddenly fell backwards and one of the hinges popped off. the fact that it already froze constantly, took a full five minutes to open a single website, and turned off randomly was already enough reason to move on with my life--but the hinge breaking was the straw that broke the computer's back. did i just make a pun? 
the moral of the story is that last week, my amazingly wonderful dad bought me a brand new blogging machine! with the busy schedule of a full time job, it's taken me a few days to get everything set up, but we're finally back in business! i'm sorry for my prolonged absence and i promise for many more blog updates in the future. no matter how many funny things you have in your head, it's hard to want to sit down and write a blog when you know that your slow computer won't let you accomplish anything in under two hours. now that i have this beautiful new speed demon at my fingertips, i'm looking forward to many more updates...and i hope you are too!

seeing as it's been a HOT minute since i've knocked out a blog, you can only imagine the ridiculous amount of pictures i have to share with you. however, they're on my phone and i have to individually send each one to my email (why does every form of technology want to stand in my way of blogging?)
so for now, i'll just update you with my favorite parts of today.
but i have LOTS more to show you.

today, i literally turned my apartment upside down looking for one of my rings that olive decided to play with the other night. clearly she thinks i don't buy her enough jewelry. although i didn't find the ring, i found seven toy mice, eight bottle caps, three milk tops, five earplugs, six cents, and a partridge in a pear tree.

i also turned my search into a three hour cleaning fest.
...which. was. AWESOME.

i FINALLY got myself some cute knobs at world market! i put them on the cabinets that face my living room so i can admire them while i sit and eat ramen on my couch. it's amazing how two little knobs can add so much personality to a room.

why did the chicken cross the road?

to get back to his farm.

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Sierra said...

Hey there! I have this photobucket app that lets me upload my pics from my phone directly to photobucket. Since, the only pics I take are on my phone it makes blogging life a bit easier:)