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well it's official. i've found my second favorite hangout. oh wait, i forgot about bojangles. 
mmm and las margaritas. 
and goodberrys!
okay, i guess it's my sixth favorite hangout. 

i've always been a fan of outdoor markets. it's a great way to spend time outside instead of sitting on your ass all day. 
i should really get off of the couch soon...
every weekend, i make my way over to the west hollywood whole foods. on the way back, i always drive by a big open field where people appear to be cleaning. 

to my disappointment--i discovered that it was not a dustbuster convention. 

this weekly occurrence is normally sunday, which means that by the time i get off of my ass to go to the store, it's 4 PM. which means by the time i'm driving back from the store, it's 5 PM and people are, in fact, cleaning up from the day. i did some research on this mystery place, and it turns out that every weekend from 9-4, there is a flea market! the next weekend, i threw on my favorite tank top, bought myself a smoothie, and headed over in search of fleas! appropriately named the melrose trading post, this cute little spot was everything i hoped for and more. i'm a big fan of the farmer's market at 3rd and fairfax--but i knew that this would be an entirely different experience...seeing as i can't eat fresh jewelry and clothes.
i was so fascinated by all of the little trinkets and knick-knacks that each vendor had spread across their tables. everything was so authentically vintage that i felt like i had just stumbled into the past.

...which is secretly on my bucket list.

i thought about picking this up for a smell test, but i was afraid it might turn me into a unicorn.

this next item wasn't worth the four dollars because i didn't want to think about who else had sweat on it--but it sure did make me smile when i found it :)

other than browsing the marketplace, i've been making sure to get outside a few times a week for some exercise. the traffic here may be ridiculous--but views like this make living in hollywood worthwhile.

 speaking of things to do in LA, last night was my first time at the hollywood bowl! if you're wondering what AWESOME band i saw...

think again.
it was actually the phil harmonic orchestra playing the music to disney's fantasia. although i've never seen the movie--the music was still pretty baller. (it's okay to describe an orchestra as baller...right?)
 hands down, my favorite part was that we got to bring our own food and drinks.

pinwheels a la fanny!
grilled veggies in a spinach tortilla with light veggie cream cheese, pesto, and a balsamic reduction on top.

disney music + big screen TV's = awesome
disney music + big screen TV's + fireworks = REALLY awesome

coors light + bread + cheese =


Jeffrey Slater said...

Why am I not surprised that every blog eventually gets around to talking about food?
Daddy- O

simple girl said...

again, those pinwheels look AMAZING.