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...and then i walked the red carpet.

okay, not really.
well technically i did--however, it was more of a long purple rug and the papparazi were only slightly intrigued by me. let me explain:
last thursday night, i got a call from my friend jake who asked if i'd like to tag along to a hollywood event that was being thrown for some vodka and some reality stars. this was my understanding of the invite: random party. random vodka company. potential of seeing someone i may or may not recognize.
i was a little off.
turns out that this "random party" was on hollywood boulevard (spotlights and all) and was for the very well-known svedka vodka. my understanding of the dynamic of this party completely changed when the the following things happened:

1. i turned around in line and saw that lo bosworth from the hills was standing behind me.
2. i walked down the "red carpet" lined up with papparazi who all lifted the cameras to their eyes and then realized i was NOT, in fact, jennifer aniston.
3. we walked up to the bar and i discovered that the drinks and appetizers were free.

as if that wasn't enough to have my fingers moving at light speed sending texts to sara in all capital letters about the faces i was seeing around me...
joan rivers walked up to the DJ booth and made an announcement.

yes, joan rivers.

instead of listing off names, here are the faces i was surrounded by on this awesome night:

lo bosworth--laguna beach and the hills.

joan nightmares?
yes. she really looks like this in person.

christopher knight--peter brady from the brady bunch and his wife adrienne curry--from america's next top model.

ali and roberto--last season's bachelorette.

trishelle--the real world las vegas.
(this is the THIRD time i've run into her in hollywood--this party made twice in one week--and i'm about to have to tell her to stop stalking me.)

theo--the real world chicago.

kasey--a contestant from last season's bachelorette who is most well-known for his spontaneous break outs into song and his constant desire to "guard and protect" ali's heart.

still don't remember him?

we shared a few moments...
this second picture was his idea.

and then i took a picture with his girlfriend.
even if you didn't recognize him, you most likely DEFINITELY know who this is.
vienna was the winning contestant on jake's season of the bachelor. not long after he chose her, they were on different talk shows arguing and throwing insults back and forth. vienna and casey are now a couple. i guess she decided to keep her dating circle within the bachelor/bachelorette reality world.

hey...i'm not judging. he may be a weirdo, but he's pretty hot.

they also had a lovely chris harrison (the bachelor host) cut-out which casey decided to play with later on into the night.

all in all, it was a super fun night. probably most people in hollywood would judge me for even being excited about a party with reality stars--better known here as "D-list celebrities." but it's not that i was ooing and ahhing over these people because i thought that they were spectacular--i mean, they're famous for being themselves--but it's the idea that you just don't see things like this every day when you live in north carolina. i've experienced the nightlife here and seen a few familar faces, but this was my first hollywood "event", and it was definitely exciting! also, when you watch as much TV as i do, being surrounded by people that you see all the time in a box in your living room just doesn't happen every day.

i was a little bummed that i didn't run into snooki or pauly d, but at least this made up for it.
thanks for keeping it classy svedka.


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